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Buyer’s Remorse

I’ve done a fair bit of shopping this month but truthfully, not all of it has been good. I hate it when I order something and then the item that I receive isn’t as I expected. I thought I’d share the bad purchases with you (and then maybe a few of the good ones 🙂 ).truffle cosy ankle bootsThe first item on my wish-I-hadn’t-bought list are these Ugg-like boots from Truffle. I was looking for a warm pair of boots to see me through the winter and although these could have fit the bill, the sizing is a bit off and I find them a tad too small. I am hoping I will be able to stretch them out a bit, but I have to admit to being disappointed with this purchase.

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A Long Piggy Walk

walking Mr. PigOne of my favorite parts of the weekend is always when M and I and Mr. Pig go on a super long walk. I love that it’s the three of us together, we don’t get much down time during the week. So these long walks are really special to me. I’m also glad that I remembered to take my phone as I usually just leave it home and there wouldn’t have been photos otherwise. I’ve been wearing these shoes to work (I wore them two times last week) but hadn’t managed to get any outfit photos so I risked taking them on the pig walk and happily Dracul didn’t get them all dirty. You might remember them from the leopard  print shoes post?

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Leopard Print Flats

blink mouse leopard printSo, leopard print flats are one of my favorite types of flat shoes. I think they can take an outfit further than regular black flats, which I otherwise would constantly be wearing. The shoes pictured above are one of my favorites. They are by Blink and I love the cutesy bow and mouse face on the toe of the shoes – just adorable. You’ve seen them on this blog before:

photo 1

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Bugs Bunny & Co.

printed tights, parka jacket, cut out shoesOne of my favorite outfits from this year that I wore a week ago, last Monday night to a winery with friends. This whole outfit revolves around two keys aspects – the crazy printed tights and my new parka jacket. I chose the tights mainly because I really wanted to wear these cut-out shoes and I wanted to wear something that would really emphasize the shape of the shoe.

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Two Weeks and Counting

asos orange leopard print trainersSo today is the first day of school for a lot of people, but not for me. Nope, uni starts in a month and the summer exam period ends I think on the 21st. I still have one last exam to pass, my french exam, which will take place in two weeks. So I still have 14 days to prepare myself. Phew. Anyways, the photo above is from a recent pig walk. It’s what I’ve been wearing a lot recently – cropped skinny jeans and a pair of trainers. I love the laid back feel of this type of outfit.

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Never Ending St..udying

IMG_3325Maintenant, je passe mon temps avec le français – en approchant le test! Je suis nerveux mais aussi fatigue. On est difficile d’ĂȘtre un Ă©tudiant… But enough french, my head hurts. This outfit is from last Friday and I wore it to work and to the library, hence the study reference (I have a little less than a month and have basically just started studying so if what I wrote above has some mistakes, at least I tried…), I liked my outfit though I must admit, it was minimum effort.

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Birthday Girl

JEANS AND A WHITE TEE ICECREAM GIRLThis outfit may be from a few weeks ago (the weekend before we went on vaca?) but it embodies my birthday/summer mentality: leather jacket, skinny jeans, comfy shoes, fruity ice-cream.  I’m definitely embracing a bohemian vibe this summer. I want comfort and adventure. Care-free clothes that still make me feel confident and attractive. As much as I love pretty prom dresses and sky-high heels (and I do love them very much), summer tends to lead me in another direction.

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Leopard Print is a Neutral


Friday M and I went to dinner and then I stopped by H&M to buy a pair of shoes as the ones that I was wearing were KILLING me. The irony that they were a casual pair of flats is not lost on me. I think I generally get waaaay more blisters from flats shoes than I’ve ever gotten from heels. Continue reading Leopard Print is a Neutral

The Good and Bad

My thesis writing days aren’t yet over. Only about a third (not even) of what I had written will be used. That’s the bad news. But the good news is, well, I think it’ll be a better paper because it. I took a break yesterday and just slept. It felt like I hadn’t slept for days. I was groggy and unhappy and I needed a break. Then M and I went to see the new X-men movie in the cinema and it was a great night. The film is so fun, I highly recommend seeing it. Today I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things but it won’t be until tomorrow that I really embrace the new direction of the thesis paper. I have all these timelines and deadlines set up, it actually feels like I’m organized for the first time in my life. Anyways, speaking of things planned, I’ll show you yesterday’s cinema outfit in tomorrow’s post, today I have just a few shoe for ya instead:

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