The Good and Bad

My thesis writing days aren’t yet over. Only about a third (not even) of what I had written will be used. That’s the bad news. But the good news is, well, I think it’ll be a better paper because it. I took a break yesterday and just slept. It felt like I hadn’t slept for days. I was groggy and unhappy and I needed a break. Then M and I went to see the new X-men movie in the cinema and it was a great night. The film is so fun, I highly recommend seeing it. Today I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things but it won’t be until tomorrow that I really embrace the new direction of the thesis paper. I have all these timelines and deadlines set up, it actually feels like I’m organized for the first time in my life. Anyways, speaking of things planned, I’ll show you yesterday’s cinema outfit in tomorrow’s post, today I have just a few shoe for ya instead:

Image1. Mel Tangerine in Yellow – I wore these on the 14th of May, to my last uni class of this semester and then I went shopping

melissa-mel-tangerine-bow-yellowThese shoes are a bit perplexing.  I’ll be honest and admit that when they first arrived from the store I was a bit disappointed. See how bright and yellow they look in the product photo? Well in real life they just aren’t that yellow, there’s a bit of a darker tone to them. But then when I look at the photo of me wearing them they all of a sudden do look more yellow. I guess they just photograph differently than they look in real life. They also run a little small (remember when I wore about my black Tangerines? And how they are absolutely too big and that I’d buy the smaller size.  Yeah, well these are a bit small. Not small enough that they don’t fit but they just aren’t the most comfortable. Whatever.) But otherwise I do like them.

weraing mel tangerine in yellow

2. French Connection jelly sandals in red/nude – I wore these sometime last week, just out walking Mr. Pig

french connection jelly sandals

As you can see I also own the blue version of these sandals (they were actually the first I bought, when we were on vacation in Dubai. I  then ordered the red version from Asos.)

3. Zara pink sandals – Last Friday, out to the pub.

zara pink sandalsThese are one of my oldest pairs of sandals and they come with a funny story. Right after I bought them I had to go back to the store because at home I realized that one shoe was a size 39 and one was a 40. Weird. Anyways, I had to go back to the store and luckily the issue was solved right away. Then I went home with two shoes of the same size. They’re very old now and definitely show signs of wear, but I still love them.

4. Gareth Pugh for  Melissa Aileron black/white gladiator sandals – Worn on Wednesday the 21st of May, to my semi-final Syntax exam. Oh I passed! Yay! Now I have just the final exam (which is insanely hard, the written part is three hours long – it has two parts, morphology and syntax – and then there’s the oral examination. Horrible, horrible stuff.)


These sandals are definitely not your everyday sandal. They have an interesting design but they aren’t quite as comfortable as I expected. They came out in a variety of color combinations (all black, all white, then a muted black with silver) but I think this black and white option is the most interesting.

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