Temples, Blossoms and a Lighthouse with a View

Continuing on with day three of our Japan holiday: we took the train to Kita-Kamakuraa, saw the Engakuji temple and Kenchoji temple. We took the enoden train and saw the Big Buddha Daibucu (he’s the second largest Buddha in Japan and is 12 meters tall), and we also saw the Hase-dera temple (with the lovelly statue of Kannon), then we took the Enoden train to the end station Enoshima. We went up to the Enoshima lighthouse, M had dinner at Enoshima and I waited (as there was nothing for me) and had dinner back in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


You can click on each photo above to see it in full size. I think this was probably my favorite day in Japan, the temples were so beautiful and peaceful; the lighthouse was perfect (and I really appreciated that they had the option of taking escalators all the way to the top, we did quite a bit of walking that day so it was nice not having to walk up stairs!) We were also very lucky with regards to the weather, the sun was shining and the sakuras were still in bloom. My favorite part of the day was up at the top of the lighthouse, as the view was lovely. However, it was quite windy up there!


This photo makes me laugh, I know I look  like an idiot but hey, it’s so me while M is taking my photos. It’s my best “have you taken the photo already” expression along with hand gestures. But while we’re viewing a rather close up photo, let’s talk outfit details. I knew we were going to be doing quite a bit of walking (according to my iphone we did 18.2 km) that day so I went with trainers rather than ballerina flats. These are one of the oldest pairs of shoes I own, I’ve had them since I was like sixteen (Adidas superstars,  I had to put in new laces before we left for Tokyo as Dracul  had munched on the old ones). Then a pair of opaque black tights (it was sunny but hey, it was still April!), a really simple River Island skater dress in a lovely bright pink, black sweater, black fake-leather moto jacket and my favorite oversized scarf. Oh and a simple cross body bag that is a decent size so can fit a  lot of stuff (from Pull&Bear, if I’m not mistaken, bought in Dubai).

I think this outfit pretty much summarizes my vacation style – I like comfort (and we usually do a lot of walking) so no heels and then I like either jeans (ripped and skinny are my usual choice) or a little bright colored dress. I dress the dresses down with the accessories, like my current fave slouchy faux leather jacket (H&M, bought in Prague before our Dubai holiday). Will hopefully post the rest of our Tokyo stay soon as I have loads of new photos to post and I’d like to get through the vacation ones before I do that.

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