Files of New: the pregnant parka

IMG_4810One of my most recent purchases, I bought this parka the week we returned from New York. I stopped by my closest H&M and was looking for those dungarees but alas they still didn’t have them (will they ever?) I wasn’t too upset though because I came across this lightweight parka. I instantly fell inn love. I liked the color, I liked the shape of the hood, I liked the pockets and most of all, I liked the high-low hem line. If done right I really like a slightly longer hem line in the back. Ever since I bought it I have been wearing this parka nonstop (well, until it got way too cold to wear it, which happened this week.) Funnily enough, when I was looking for a product picture on the H&M website and I couldn’t find it, I then figured out that it is actually from the MAMA line and is intended for pregnant ladies. Ehm.

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Red and Green


The weekend before last M‘s niece was celebrating her third birthday so we headed over to M‘s brother’s flat to wish her a happy bday. It was still nice enough outside that I didn’t have to be all bundled up (this week it has gotten so so cold!) and I had an excuse to wear my new red skirt. It’s from Express and I absolutely love it.

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A Weekend Getaway

I took a little blogging break this week mainly because I was gone during the weekend and didn’t get any posts written beforehand plus Tuesday was a state holiday. As for where I was, well, we went to a wine cellar in Milukov with friends and it was great fun, though I could have done with some warmer weather!

20141025_134041I was freezing! (Even though I was rather warmly dressed.) Anyways, the photo above is from Saturday. Let me explain why I look so tired: we were supposed to make the trip to Mikulov on Friday night but I was feeling a bit under the weather and we were tired so we decided to drive there on Saturday morning instead. The ride normally would take about two and a half hours but it took us four! It was horrible! One part of the way (a five kilometer section) took us an hour and twenty minutes instead of the five minutes it would have normally taken. Anyways, after a rather trying drive, we finally made it to our destination, we left our things at the place we were staying, I changed clothes and we went to meet our friends (who had already been there since Friday night). We went to this little cafe and then we went to the town’s goulash festival – I was happily surprised that they had a vegetarian goulash!

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As Busy as a Bee

IMG_4435I think they should change that saying into “as busy as a person visiting New York City”. Anyways, our weekend was extremely super busy. We paid for a three day New York City Pass and we started using our cards on Saturday – we visited MoMA and the Met and also stopped by Central Park and picked up tickets for the next morning to visit the Top of the Rock (it was a rainy day and they had said that the current visibility was zero.) On Sunday, after breakfast we went to the top of the Rockefeller building (luckily it was a beautiful sunny day), then we went to the Intrepid museum, then we went to Central Park and crossed it to the Natural History Museum, and later still we went to the Empire State Building. Phew, Sunday was the busiest day.  Anyways, the photo above is from this little diner where we went to hide from the rain and also to experience a true American breakfast. This was my meal (though I gave M half my eggs and all of the sausages and the bacon) and I had a vanilla shake. I must say pancakes and maple syrup are THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER.


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Friday in New York City

IMG_4428This was one of my favorite outfits from NYC – it included like a million layers as it was quite nippy out. But whatever, I’m a fan of layering. I also love these jeans I’m wearing, they are by DKNY, and are almost leather like. We went on another bus tour on Friday and saw more of the city.

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Thursday: Day Three

IMG_4338Day three in NYC: so t was Thursday, the 9th, and we had planned a day of sightseeing. I sort of missed the mark on my outfit because it was super windy and I was way too cold to go sightseeing. So instead we had to go do some shopping. It was unintentional I swear 🙂 As for the unfortunate outfit, I was wearing my H&M red dress with cut-outs, which I don’t mind as long as they are covered up; a Pull&Bear cardigan; thick black tights; my black pashmina, which I wore during the entire trip; my thrifted Dunlop leather bag and my new Michael Kors flats:

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Shoes Shoes Shoes

seychelles ready for anything heart detail pumpsYou know I love me some shoes so obviously that’s what I set my heart on to buy. Well, some shoes and about a million other things! We did do quite a bit of shopping during our NYC visit, but I didn’t buy as many shoes as I always do when I am in London. One of my favorite pairs (and the only pair of heels!) are these Seychelles “Ready for Anything” heart heels in burgundy suede. I absolutely adore the heart detail (they remind me of my favorite Vivienne Westwood for Melissa lady dragons) and I really like the color combo.

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I’m Back!

Sorry for the super long delay between posts, I got back from NYC on Tuesday night but it has been crazy since. Wednesday was spent half in bed (jet lag?) and half unpacking. Then I met up with my bestie for a double date and we went to Bruxx for dinner. I was a bit disappointed as they had changed the menu (and my favorite dandelion salad was on longer on it), but otherwise it was a very pleasant evening out.

evening outAs it was cold and rainy in Prague, I opted for a comfy outfit. Starring one of my favorite purchases from NYC:

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