Farewell, Buddy, I’ll always miss you.


This weekend I had to say my last goodbye to my best furry friend, my dog, Buddy, who has been a firm part of my life for about ten years. I will always love him and I miss him so much. He was such a good dog, a true part of the family and we are all heartbroken. The photo above is the last I had taken of him, which I took about a week ago, when I was taking care of him whilst my parents were away on a conference. He was still his wonderful cheerful self and we had had a great time, it’s so strange to think he’s gone now. The world just isn’t the same. I spent Sunday with him but he was already gone, but I am glad that I got to say goodbye to him. He meant so much to me and my family. Farewell Buddy, I love you.

buddy posing

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