Making New Friends

The second day of our Tokyo vacation was just about perfect. We met up with Tatiana, a friend of one of M’s clients, and she was simply the nicest person ever. She also has the cutest dog ever, his name is Eliot but he goes by the nickname 2D (he got the nickname from an airport gate number but in Czech it sounds almost the same as “tudy”, meaning “this way” – coolest nickname ever).



We went for a walk and cuddled with 2D. Cutest dog ever. I took like a million photos of him and he was a surprisingly good sport about it (my dog hated taking photos, 2D was a real trooper). After our walk Tatiana took us to her place and she made us lunch (she even whipped up some tofu mushrooms extra after learning that I don’t eat meat, like I said, nicest person ever.) *I think M got more cuddles than I did, I’m jealous.



Lunch was omg so good! I only managed to take a photo of dessert (warm pancake, strawberry/sweet bean ice cream and a salted cherry blossom on top). I’m slightly upset with myself for not taking more food photos throughout the vacation, but I usually was way past the middle of whichever meal before I remembered I should take a photo and half eaten food pics? That’s not a thing.



The rest of the day was spent walking around the city and then at night we went to the cinema to see Hardcore Henry (a movie we’d already seen twice awhile ago in Prague). I’m pretty sure I changed outfits for the evening out as we returned to the apartment, but I didn’t take any photos. I have too many photos to go through so I’ll post again soon with the next day.

As for what I was wearing, I’ll be doing a Tokyo vacation recap once I post all the “event” photos and sort of analyze what worked the best, what I planned, what I bought etc. That post should be up sometime next week probably towards the end or the week after, as we still have loads to get through before then. Stay tuned!

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