Little Hearts Everywhere

Topshop heart playsuitThe day of my exam I bought this lovely playsuit over at Topshop and I originally picked out two more dresses but then I decided only to buy the playsuit. It was the last one available and it’s two sizes bigger than my size but I thought I’d just adjust it with mmy sewing machine¬† at home, but when I tried it on later that day, I decided the only thing it really needed was a belt to clench it in (also getting rid of the cut-out, I’m not really a fan of cut-outs). I wore the playsuit Wednesday night to go to the movies. It was a great night and I was so happy to have my exam done with.

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Files of New: Topshop Playsuit


I promised to show you what I bought over at Topshop and I even wore it straight away to go to the movies later that night (and I even have pictures and everything), but I’m short on time so I’ll post about that either over the weekend or on Monday. But I did want to show you the beautiful playsuit that I bought. It has such a cute heart print all over. Swoon. Now I’m off to drink some wine, see you.

Little bee

Garden girl

Last weekend M and I went for a ‘mini-anniversary dinner’ to one of our favorite restaurants and it was lovely, I had THE BEST dessert, although mine was with chocolate ice-cream. My goodness, it was delicious! It was also great to go out and ‘get a breather’ from just staying at home and studying all the time. Oh and speaking of studying – – – I passed my huge exam yesterday!!! Hip hip hurray!

zara leopard print flats

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Leopard Print is a Neutral


Friday M and I went to dinner and then I stopped by H&M to buy a pair of shoes as the ones that I was wearing were KILLING me. The irony that they were a casual pair of flats is not lost on me. I think I generally get waaaay more blisters from flats shoes than I’ve ever gotten from heels. Continue reading Leopard Print is a Neutral


So I postponed my pending exam that was to be this Tuesday for health reasons (I had a pretty bad fever over the weekend and still am sick now but it’s gotten better). It’ll be on the 25th instead (and I have a different exam on the 23rd and a dentist appointment on the 24th, urrghh!) so on the one hand it’s great to have more time but on the other if I hadn’t been forced to just sleep and do nothing over the weekend, I’d have preferred having my exam over with. But life is what it is. No time to feel sorry for myself, I still have today to get better and then I need to do some SERIOUS studying. I don’t know how much blogging I’ll be able to do but hopefully I’ll manage a couple of posts.

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I have a huge important exam next Tuesday and should be am studying (and reading books completely unrelated to my exams ops). So sorry for being all m.i.a. This photo was taken over the weekend while we were food shopping, that is the biggest Nutella jar I’ve ever held (it was really heavy too!), we didn’t buy it though. Otherwise things are lovely and it’s gotten really summery in Prague (yay!).

melissa milkshake red and pink flatsBtw these were the shoes I was wearing – Melissa Milkshake heart cut-out flats. I love the pink and red combo!