Casual Sunday

casual saturdayContinuing with my green obsession I wore my current favorite bag with a very casual outfit on Sunday to go to lunch.  (I’ve kept on wearing the bag this whole week too but I’m taking a different bag to go to the movies tonight*)

IMG_2422This outfit was so comfortable (I needed something to cover my arm as I didn’t want the sun to hurt my new tattoo so this H&M super lightweight jean shirt was PERFECT.) The rest of the outfit was really centered around what would go well with the shirt. I chose these H&M shorts that I really like (they were in my last post as well, I took the with me to London and I might do so again this year.) They’re a really old pair and they may need replacing soon but I haven’t found any other shorts that I quite like as much. These look good with bare legs but also with a pair of opaque tights (it was a bit chilly here).

beige short shorts
Here I wore them with bare legs in May 2011

Otherwise I wore the aforementioned green bag and a white undershirt under the jean shirt. Oh and I also wore a fun pair of summer wedges. They are by Zara and have a cute bow and a fun polka dot print.

green shoes green bagThe last time I wore these shoes was ages ago when Dracul was still a baby (I had to add a photo of him, he was sooo cute). I had paired these shoes with a very contrasting dress (by Patricia Field). The dress is a bright red knee length one shoulder jersey dress that I was lucky enough to find at a thrift store a few years ago. One of these days I plan on doing a thifting post but as I haven’t  really thrifted in a while (we moved and now my favorite thrift store is too far away) I’m not that motivated. After my next exam I might go visit it as a celebration 🙂

red dress green shoesBut back to the shoes. As you see they go equally well with a dress and bare legs as they do with tights (which can be a bit unexpected as they are summer wedges but I actually liked how they looked with tights! But if it had been warm enough I would have preferred to be without tights) and I do like my outfit from the weekend better than the one I wore before though I probably do like the shoes better without the tights for a more summery look. I love the bright green color and the bow is adorable as are the polka dots. I remember I bought these shoes in the sale and I don’t usually like “summer” wedges (or cork wedges either) but the color captured me and I’m really glad I have them.

zara polka dot wedge


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