My Milkshake

new look milkshake clutch bag, red winter coat, zara grey hatSometimes, even when I LOVE something, it takes me ages to wear it for the first time. Usually, that’s due to the weather, like if I buy a summer mini dress in the middle of winter. Sometimes, I find myself simply waiting for the perfect outfit for a particular item. That was the case of this cute clutch bag from New Look:

new look milkshake clutch bagI fell in love with the milkshake clutch as soon as it appeared on the New Look website and bought it asap (which was a bit of a shame as it later was in the sale), but it has taken me forever to wear it! First I didn’t have any occasion to wear it to and then it got to being winter and I thought it would suit a spring/summer look more. Finally, I decided enough waiting and just went for it.

IMG_5564Outfit details:

Camaieu 60’s-esque red winter coat – bought in 2011 or 2010. I love this coat, although in all honesty it could be a little bit warmer. But still, the shape and color are perfection and I love wearing it.

Camaieu red coat 2011Camaieu 60's coatZara oversized knitted scarf – bought in 2009 (more about it here).

Zara knitted hat,  bought around the same time, probably even earlier. I have three of these hats, this grey one and then a black one and a red one. I love them all, they are my favorite hats and I wish I had more. They have the perfect shape for my huge head. 🙂

Zara black and white lace-less brogues. Bought in 2011. I took the laces out myself as I think they look better without. I haven’t worn them that much but that’s mainly due to the fact that they are prone to make blisters, ouch.

DSC05293lunch date shoesNew Look milkshake clutch – bought 2014, worn for the first time.

Pop Boutique sleeveless swing dress in stripe bought in 2015.

pop boutique sleeveless swing dressOne of my favorite 2015 purchases (and one of the cheapest too as it cost me only £6.50). I have a feeling this dress will get a lot of wear in the spring. I really love it and I knew once it arrived that I wanted to wear it with the milkshake clutch for a slightly retro feel.

IMG_5565I wore this outfit to a dinner out to weeks ago and it was the perfect amount  kitsch and matchy-matchy to suit my current style.

*I’m not sure when the next post will be up as I have an essay due today and an exam this Wednesday, so you’ll have to bear with me but fingers crossed, I might  manage 🙂 Wish me luck, xox.

6 thoughts on “My Milkshake”

    1. Definitely is the cutest but I would argue on the roomy point – I have a huge phone that literally takes up all the room. 😀 Oh and thanks, I think I passed but we’ll see 🙂

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