Loving Lately: Stripes!

As Spring draws near (I may be in denial but please don’t tell me Spring isn’t on its way, I’m so over winter already!) I have been loving everything stripped lately. And a bit of gingham, and some pastel colors too. But back to the stripes, shall we? The dress that started my stripped obsession was this little Pop Boutique number:

pop boutique sleeveless swing dress

I love that it has a little turtle neck as I feel that really offsets the shortness of the dress. The stripes are rather thin and are close together and the high neck has the stripes in a different direction. You may remember when I wore the dress here. (I cannot wait to wear it again but this time without a winter coat!) My stripe quest didn’t end with this dress though, as I managed to buy two more.

asos a line shift dress in stripeFirst this Asos A-line shift dress. They had a pretty weird photo of the model from the front, plus I just loved this one from the back. The dress has slightly bigger stripes and they are further apart. I wore it last night out to the pub (didn’t get a photo though) and it’s a nice dress. I have a feeling it will get a lot of wear this Sprint/Summer.

Mango stripped cotton dressMy third and so far last stripey friend is this Stripped Cotton Dress from Mango. I like that it has 3/4 sleeve so isn’t overly similar to the other two dresses. I cannot wait to wear it but again, I’m not liking it with a winter coat soย  I’ll just have to wait.

My wardrobe was really missing something stripey so I’m glad I now have these three dress. Because besides the new additions, I don’t have that many striped things! I have ONE striped Zara shirt:

converse casual outfitAnd a sort of striped Promod dress.

IMG_1833A thinly striped Chelsea girl dress.

DSC06012A thickly striped Oasis skirt (I think I also need a dress with a thick stripe, don’t you?)

20140626-114736-42456855.jpgAnd last but not least this super old Reserved striped sweater.

river island chelsea boots, skinny jeans, reserved sweaterOh I also have this Topshop dress that I haven’t worn in years, which I also have in pink. I totally forgot about these two dresses! I’ll have to check if they still fit and I think they could definitely get some wear this year. (Come to think of it, I’ll have to check my wardrobe if there aren’t any other forgotten dresses. My closet is currently a mess! )

topshop red sttriped dressThis photo makes me wish I still had platinum blonde hair. (Looks like a wig but it was my hair, I swear! :))

7 thoughts on “Loving Lately: Stripes!”

  1. Black and white stripes are a favorite of mine. Love what you found and I really like that Pomod dress you have – and those polka dot shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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