On Wednesdays we wear pink.

I’m not generally into fashion rules or even gender rules, when it comes to clothing I believe everyone should wear whatever the fuck they want to. Take the outfit above, totally suitable for Valentine’s day right? Well, I wore it a week before Valentine’s 😊 and it wasn’t a Wednesday either!

M and I went out to dinner at a favorite restaurant to celebrate my name day (here, when it’s your name in the calendar, it’s your name day and mine’s on the seventh of February) and beforehand we stopped by the mall to visit Zara. (I bought an oversized scarf with huge stripes and a simple black cardigan.) I recently bought this Asos coat, because I saw it on Leah and she looked fabulous in it.

I do love the coat (it’s a pink skater coat, what’s not to love??) but I wish the fit was a little tighter. I’m wearing a size UK12 but I could use a size down in the waist part of the coat, however I kept this size as I was worried about the sleeve length. (I have long arms.)

Besides the coat I wore my Mel (dreamed by Melissa) Raspberry Heart heels. I love these shoes! I wish I had all the colorways available. This was actually the first time I’ve worn them I think. But they’re really great!

The rest of my outfit was very simple: Zara oversized scarf (I love oversized everything), promod bolero sweater, New Look belt, Asos dress. ❀️

19 thoughts on “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

  1. The shoes look amazing! Liked that coat on Leah too, but I was worried the sleeves would be too long and baggy on me. Just bought a pink Collectif one anyway, so shan’t be needing another! Never heard of a name day before, how does that work?

    1. Thank you:) I love Mel and Melissa shoes! As for the coat, I find the sleeves to be on the shorter side (but then sleeves are always on the shorter side with me).

      Almost all names (except really exotic ones) are in the calendar and simply when you name is written in the calendar on that particular day it’s your name day. It’s usually one name per day but there are some exceptions when there are two names or for both genders. Us Czechs celebrate it and so do Slovaks, not sure if anyone else:) It’s probably a Slavic thing..?

      1. i love your addendum about MOST of them. i just looked at your link of your posts of the melissa shoes. there are definitely fun designs in the mix. also, is your name day the same as a birthday?

      2. Well a few of my Melissas are actually seriously evil shoes πŸ˜‚

        Nope, name day is on a different day (every Veronika has her name day on the seventh of Feb in Czech Rep), my bday’s in July.

      3. seriously evil? lol that’s funny! i will just take your word for it. lol

        interesting. didn’t know that. is there a name day for every day of the year and do men and women share the same days?

      4. Usually it’s one name per day but a few days there’s the name version for both genders and very rarely there’s no name (like the first of January, it’s just the New Year.) Interestingly, the name days are different in Czech republic and Slovak republic (in Slovakia my name day is on the fourth of February instead of on the seventh)

      5. wow! that’s cool. when i saw you went out to celebrate i figured it was a different name for a birthday! lol my birthday was feb. 7, so that is another reason it caught my interest!

  2. I got these shoes today…and i am a little bit concern about the size :/ Im not sure if they fit well. I got 38, which is my size, but i feel like i need 38,5, which they dont offer. How do they fit to you Veronika? thx :-)) Jana

    1. I’m between sizes (39,5) and I usually size down with Melissa heels because otherwise they are too big for me and my feet slip out. I think these are better to size down as it’s really hard to walk in heels that are too big. Melissa shoes don’t do half sizes.

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