Lushed Out

I apologize in advance for this being a Lush post but it has been a crazy week and the only thing keeping me sane (besides my rabbit) is the luxury of taking a lush bath every day.

Because I’ve tried out a couple more products, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how those products were. Let’s start with my new absolute FAVORITE PRODUCT EVER!! Seriously, it’s THAT good. The item in question is the Lush bubble bar Holly Golightly:

The top photo, with me in the bath and all those bubbles? Yup, thanks to Holly Golightly. This is such a great product. The smell is amazing and super festive, I love the name, it turns your bath into a lovely green color and the amount of bubbles is just insane!! I used a fourth of the bubble bar each time and I’ve already used each piece. I’m kind of sad it’s not a permanent item because I cannot wait to repurchase (I have two more in my stash but I never want to run out, so I’ll have to use them strategically.)

My next favorite (but honestly, nothing beats Holly Golightly) is the Golden Wonder bath bomb:

I love all the little stars! So cute! The bath also turned a lovely blue green color and was scented with a soft citrus fragrance (blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils apparently).

My last christmas items that I recently tried out were the Drummers Drumming and Magic Wand bubble bars, both are really great. I prefer the Magic Wand as it’s shaped like a huge pink sweet star shaped wand and that’s just brilliant. Definitely will be repurchasing. I’ll probably be repurchasing everything that will be mentioned in this post, to be honest!

Finally, something from their regular selection, I recently tried out two bath bombs. (Oh, before I forget, I also tried out two items from the Valentine’s day range: Unicorn Horn and the Love Locket. I liked the unicorn bubble bar but was a bit dissapointed with the Love Locket.) The first was the Phoenix Rising bath bomb.

Love this. It has a spicy scent (apple and cinnamon) and I just love how it looks!

Okay, last one 😊 This is the Big Blue bath bomb. There are things I love about it (the smell is amazing, I love how it makes my skin feel and it reminds me of the ocean, which I dearly miss living in Prague, I also like the color) but things I don’t like that much (I find the seaweed kind of annoying actually).

I would still definitely repurchase though, the seaweed is a small setback to an otherwise lovely bath. (The photo below is slightly misleading as my phone took a weird picture, the water wasn’t as dark blue. It was still a very true blue but just not as dark.)

I hope you enjoyed this post and if Lush isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know I don’t have another Lush post planned until I try out a bunch of products 😘 so I can write about more of them in one post. Next on my Lush list are Butterbear and Snowangel.

But I have to warn you, I do have quite a few to get through! (Pictured above is what I got for Valentine’s day. It’s the Wow gift box and I was wowed all right. ❤️) Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a lovely week, I’m off to take a bath!

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