Last week M and I went to see the Kingsman film and I thought it was brilliant. I LOVED it! Colin Firth was amazing (seeing Mr. Darcy kicking ass was just perfect, really.) Anyways, for the occasion I decided to dress smart, as a kingsman would.

The most important part of the outfit are the shoes of course! I knew I wanted to wear menswear inspired footwear for an almost adrogenous look. The winner of the shoe lottery (I have a LOT of shoes and they compete amongst each other) were these Asos studded monk shoes:

Funny thing about these shoes? M bought them for me but he first thought they were men’s shoes and wanted them for himself. (Obviously, they didn’t have his size cause he’s a giant.)😊 I was super happy they turned out to be women’s shoes so that I got to order them instead. You can’t really see it in the topmost photo but they have lovely studded detailing:

The last time I wore these shoes was 13 weeks ago according to instagram:

The rest of my outfit involved a tailored look: a Topshop wool coat, a light sweater, a Topshop neoprem short skirt (incredibly short actually) and a quilted crossbody bag from Asos.

Besides the skirt being too short (as in Bridget Jones’ absent skirt too short), I was really comfortable in this outfit and as I mentioned above, I absolutely loved the movie! It was funny, there was just the right amount of action and the actors were great in it. I really want to go see it again 😍

8 thoughts on “Kingsman”

    1. Thank you 😊 and that’s great! I thought it was peculiar of me to theme my outfit according to the films I go see (or if I had a presentation at uni) so I’m glad I’m not the only one 😄

    1. Exactly, Colin Firth has so much class and it was basically like a better Bond movie (none of the sexist crap, well, maybe just at the very end) and he was amazing in it. I seriously want to see it again asap!

  1. See I’m not a big Colin Firth fan at all, so this film doesn’t appeal…think the young guy in it comes across as arrogant too (purely basing this on seeing his face on TV during an interview and I didn’t even have the sound up, but he just annoyed me straight off)!

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