Can’t wait for Spring (shoes)

Along with every other blogger I am seriously anticipating the arrival of Spring (we’ve actually had quite a mild winter so it’s not so bad). I cannot wait to stop wearing boots! Pretty heels here I come! The shoes above are my Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Skyscraper court heels, which I’ve worn once to a wedding (not the best choice as there was surprisingly a LOT of walking and standing involved and my feet were killing me…) and have yet to re-wear. I’m thinking a cinema date would be perfect, lots of sitting down and all.

I’m not just excited about pretty heels, pretty shoes in general have my heart racing. I am very much looking forward to wearing these Paper Dolls flats that I recently purchased (one of my last purchased items before my self-imposed shopping ban).

I love the design of these shoes. The monochrome, the “negative” effect, the bow = ❤️, I also think they will be very easy to style in a variety of ways. I can picture them with a cropped trouser, most of my dresses or even with shorts (I don’t really wear shorts.)

My  absolutely latest purchase (just ordered from Zoot – I did a modelling job for them and the pay was in form of a voucher, the shoes should arrive in a few days) are these Mel flats:

You may remember that I have the heeled version of these (pictured below) which I bought as a cheer-me-up purchase and have yet to wear.

I really need to wear all of the shoes I haven’t worn yet! Mind you, it’s not that many shoes, but as I wasn’t even sure if these were in my collection or not and had to get up and check the shoe storage (scary place), I need to “wear more, buy less” (should be easy now that I’ve restricted my shopping. The reason being I need to save up some money for the summer.)

Okay, last pair. These Vans trainers. I love (love love love) leopard print shoes and these trainers really spoke to me. I’m planning on taking them on my summer vacation, perfect for exploring and shopping and well, everything really. I’ve been wearing more trainers and comfortable shoes recently. I still love (ridiculous) heels the most but sometimes it’s nice to be able to run, walk on the cobble stoned streets without problem and all that.

What are you excited about for Spring?

4 thoughts on “Can’t wait for Spring (shoes)”

  1. Those monochrome flats are very you, can’t wait to see how you style them. I’m contemplating the Irregular Choice panda heel release tomorrow, though I’m not very enamoured with the actual shoes so far.

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