My Milkshake

new look milkshake clutch bag, red winter coat, zara grey hatSometimes, even when I LOVE something, it takes me ages to wear it for the first time. Usually, that’s due to the weather, like if I buy a summer mini dress in the middle of winter. Sometimes, I find myself simply waiting for the perfect outfit for a particular item. That was the case of this cute clutch bag from New Look:

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Mountain Girl

IMG_5547Mountain climbing/walking is definitely not my usual weekend activity. I’m a city-girl though and through, I once literally had an allergic reaction to fresh mountain air (okay, so it probably had more to  do with the chlorine used in the pool that we went to later but whatever).  I prefer the city to the country side and shopping is my cardio. Nonetheless, M convinced me (actually he bribed me) to give the mountains and fresh air a chance two weekends ago. I had one condition though…

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Christmas time Vienna mini-break

Back in December M and I went on an extended-weekend mini-break to visit Vienna and enjoy their lovely Christmas themed booths selling fruity wine and candy. Heaven.

I kiss better than I cook I absolutely love that sign. So fun! And nutella’s great too. It was rather cold (mainly because I didn’t bring my warmest winter coat, stupid me) so I was glad I had my cozy reindeer sweatshirt.

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Lush Addict

One of my favorite Christmas presents that I received was a Lush gift box from M. And it totally kick started (or well, renewed) my Lush addiction. I ADORE Lush. I’m 100% behind supporting the fight against animal cruelty, plus their products are amazing. I’ve decided to review the products from this gift box, at least the ones I have tried out so far…
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CheersI teased you with this outfit not long ago and guess what, I finally downloaded the photos from my phone onto my computer. I wore this outfit on December 21st to an anni dinner with M. (We have this silly but totally sweet tradition that we celebrate our mini-anniversary every month by having a fancy dinner.) I had just received this fabulous bag a few days before and couldn’t wait to wear it out. I have become quite a clutch fan this past year and this is definitely one of my favorite.

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Fake fur ankle boots

IMG_5200Well hello there. Have I been bad at blogging or what? And the thing is, it’s not like I have had nothing to write about. On the contrary, I have had tons of ideas and have been blogging nonstop in my head, you know, when you’re thinking what you would write and are virtually dictating out the post in your mind? No? Just me? Nothing against that but it’s way past time for a regular post.  Continue reading Fake fur ankle boots

Happy New Year!

I know I have been more gone than here lately but hopefully that will soon change, as my New Year’s resolution is to blog more. (That shouldn’t be hard as I’ve really sucked at blogging.)

I’ll post the details of this outfit in my next post 🙂

Anyways, wishing you all a superb new year!