Fake fur ankle boots

IMG_5200Well hello there. Have I been bad at blogging or what? And the thing is, it’s not like I have had nothing to write about. On the contrary, I have had tons of ideas and have been blogging nonstop in my head, you know, when you’re thinking what you would write and are virtually dictating out the post in your mind? No? Just me? Nothing against that but it’s way past time for a regular post. The outfit above is from the end of November, yeah. It’s not a very interesting outfit, more of an early winter casual look, but I do love those shoes:

river island furryThey’re from River Island bought ages ago. They were ordered from Asos and when they arrived, I unpacked the parcel and to my utter surprise, there were two left shoes. So I had to return them and then do the whole waiting thing again. I’m definitely not the most patient person in the world but these were worth the wait. They go with dresses and skirts as they do with jeans, an ideal shoe really.

river island fur bootsThey get their fair share of wear (ha) every year though I’ve been wearing them less often as I’m worried about wearing them out. I also wore them in the outfit I teased you with in the last post. More about that one later (as I still haven’t transferred the photos from my phone).

4 thoughts on “Fake fur ankle boots”

  1. Ha, I totally do that too. All day and even in my bed, I go through what I need to say then usually forget it all when it comes to writing it. I’ve got soooo many great hauls and things to write up (and sort out photos), but just feel so completely pooped all the time, I can’t find the energy to do it.

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