Big in Japan

Back in April M & I had the pleasure of traveling to Tokyo. No, that’s a lie, the traveling part was a pain in the ass (quite literally too, Allitalia have tiny seats). Plus I had a horrible headache on the way there, so that was a bit difficult. But once we were in Tokyo things started looking up. Tokyo is amazing and I wish I lived there! Seriously, I feel in love with this city.


I’ll be posting more photos throughout the week, but here are more from our first day in Tokyo. We went to the Metropolitan Government building, near the Shinjuku train station. This is a model of how the building looks and 20170412_133554



We also visited a cat cafe (called Calico) later that day. I loved it there, it was really fun and  would recommend going (we visited a bunny cafe later during our stay, but the cat cafe was more fun). Our first day was really great (well except for what I had for lunch; we went to a tiny restaurant at Shinjuku station, and the only vegetarian option they had was this horrible thing – it had rice (which was the only thing I ended up eating), on top of which were pieces of bread soaked with some miso broth (but cold) and on top of that were raw eggs. I put the eggs and soaked bread on the side (after trying out one piece of the bread) and then just ate the rice. I sometimes had trouble finding food for myself (especially traditional Japanese food, as fish are just about in everything) but later on I figured out a simple and much better system (I’d ask them to not put the egg there and gave the fish to M). Anyways, we were in Tokyo for 7 full days and I have about a million photos that I could show you but I’ll try not to get too carried away. Check back soon for more from our holiday…


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