Lush Addict

One of my favorite Christmas presents that I received was a Lush gift box from M. And it totally kick started (or well, renewed) my Lush addiction. I ADORE Lush. I’m 100% behind supporting the fight against animal cruelty, plus their products are amazing. I’ve decided to review the products from this gift box, at least the ones I have tried out so far…
Wonderful_You lushThe gift box that I received is called Wonderful You. It contains 10 Lush products:

lush wonderful you productsGodiva – a solid shampoo & conditioner – haven’t tried it yet.

lush godivaTender Is The Night – massage bar. This is quite a nice product, it has a lovely vanilla and jasmine scent and is great for massages.

Tender Is The NightSultana – creamy soap – it’s okay but my all-time favorite Lush soap is Yog Nog (it smells so good!).

sultana soapGorgeous moisturizer sample – the sample is quite small (10ml) but otherwise it’s quite nice, it feels lovely on the skin. I don’t really use moisturizers (though I should!), so I’ve only tried it like twice but I think if I do start using moisturizers more, this could be a product I would repurchase.

lush gorgeousFlying Fox shower gel – 100ml – it’s not my favorite Lush shower gel (I really like the It’s Raining Men one) because the scent isn’t “me” but otherwise Lush shower gels are great products. You can use them as shampoo for your hair and they work really well.

Flying-Fox-Lush9 to 5 facial cleanser – 100ml – tried it a couple of times and it’s a good cleanser.

9to5 lushDream Cream body cream – 50ml – I really like this product, it has a lovely camomile scent and feels really good on my skin.

lush dream creamRo’s Argan Body Conditioner – 50ml – LOVE this product. Will be repurchasing after I use it up.  My skin feels so soft and healthy after using this.

lush Ro's Argan Body ConditionerHoney Trap lip balm – 8g – it’s a good lip balm (though my favorite from Lush is the Lip Service lip balm). It’s not tinted (I like both tinted and non tinted lip balms, depending on my mood) and because I have very dry lips (especially in the winter time) lip balms are practically mandatory for me.

lush honey trapAqua Mirabilis body butter – OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’ve already used it all up (it was 95g) and have repurchased already and am planning on buying two extra pieces tomorrow after my uni exam.

aqua mirabilisThis is really such a brilliant product. It’s a massage/scrub that you use in the shower and it conditions the skin and it smells super delicious and it’s amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It’s like my current favorite product ever, I love it THAT much.

So that concludes this gift box (which I’m super thankful for getting because it introduced me to Aqua Mirabilis) and I’ve since bought a few more gift boxes (Rudolf, Sweet Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, All I Want for Christmas and Whoop! Whoop!). Yes, I may have gone a little bit crazy and spent all my money in Lush. Probably because using Lush products makes me really happy and after what December was like, I’ll take all the happiness I can get. Also I got all the gift boxes after Christmas when Lush was having its once a year 50% off sale (very happy indeed). I’ll probably be doing another Lush review soon 😉

2 thoughts on “Lush Addict”

  1. I know Lush products are bloggers favourites but I can’t even go instore because the smells are so strong! I hold my nose when we go past or else I get a sore head. That said, I haven’t actually used any of their stuff, but it just doesn’t really appeal for some reason.

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