Christmas time Vienna mini-break

Back in December M and I went on an extended-weekend mini-break to visit Vienna and enjoy their lovely Christmas themed booths selling fruity wine and candy. Heaven.

I kiss better than I cook I absolutely love that sign. So fun! And nutella’s great too. It was rather cold (mainly because I didn’t bring my warmest winter coat, stupid me) so I was glad I had my cozy reindeer sweatshirt.

IMG_5279We didn’t only drink wine and eat (though honestly, that was the majority of our activities). We also visited the Vienna zoo.

IMG_5283 IMG_5287We went to Belvedere and the Albertina museum (there was a Miro exhibition). But really, it was more of a food trip than anything else.

IMG_5298We bought a few things at the local flea market, my favorite purchase is this brass pig statue. We’re actually planning another Vienna trip sometime in March (and I hope we can find some rabbit themed trinklets to buy this time).


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