Late November in Wien

After Buddy passed away I was really sad, I get very attached to my animals and to me they are members of the family, so it was a hard time. We weren’t going to go visit Vienna this year but then M decided that I needed a change of scenery and we went for an extended weekend. The last time I was in Vienna was a year ago, in December, and it was after Dracul passed away (I think I was in more of a shock after Dracul passed away because at least Buddy had lived a relatively long life, he was about 14 years old, whereas Dracul would have only been 5 years old in the summer, so his death was completely unexpected) and I blogged about it here (you can see I look really sad in those photos). I hope next year we can go without any deaths preceding our trip, but I have to say that the change of place really did help.


The photo above was posted on my instagram and was taken in front of the Albertina museum.



Saturday the 14th: we took the train from the Prague main station to the Vienna main station, stopped by out hotel to leave our bags, went to have lunch and then did a spot of shopping at the Donauzentrum shopping center (I bought lots of lovely Lush items, a new set of Christmas PJs from H&M and also their lovely accessories advent calendar). Then we went to the Christmas market and drank warm fruity wine (my favorite thing about their Christmas marts is that you can keep the mugs and I love collecting them, M never lets me buy new mugs because he says we have enough and he’s such an anti hoarder, and I love new mugs, so the only way I can get new mugs is fro these Christmas markets, it’s a hard life.) Anyways, then we went to have dinner at this sushi place (Yumi), I loved it there because they had loads with avocado and that’s my favorite.

H&M christmas pjsSunH&M advent calendar.jpg

Above: the pajamas that I bought and the advent calendar.

Sunday the 15th: It was a rainy day and we started it off at the Kriminal museum, then had lunch at a local pub (surprisingly nice lunch btw, I had grilled cheese with a salad and it was very good) and then we went to the Albertina museum to see the Munch exhibition and their permanent exhibition.


edvard munch scream vienna

edvard munch scream wien albertina

My favorite from Munch’s work is Scream, the Vienna exhibition showed the lithograph version.


Besides viewing art, we mostly ate. Every trip we take is a foodie trip. What can I say, M and I love to eat! This was our dessert at the Mozart cafe. Then we headed to our hotel (we stay at the same hotel every time, the Carlton Suites near Naschmarkt) to relax for a while before going to dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant (Taste of India).

Monday the 16th: After breakfast we visited Schonbrunn, they have lovely Zoo there and we saw the cutest polar bear (the bear was so playful, kept jumping into the water and playing with this rubber tube). (I have a mixed opinion on Zoos – on one hand I feel sad for the animals, they should be free, but on the other hand, better being alive at a Zoo than hunted for their fur/tusks etc. and the Vienna zoo is really nice.) I had lunch at the Zoo and then we went to the Schonbrunn cafe (sacher cake, yummy). We visited a whisky store, because M is obsessed, and then we went to Mariahilfer street to visit a different Lush store (my revenge for the whisky store, muhaha). I bought a bunch of Lush goodies including a whole butterbear collection (the butterbear gift tin with includes six butterbears, the butterbear tote bag and the butterbear scarf.)


lush butterbear coollection tote tin and scarfTuesday the 17th: We didn’t do much as we had a train to catch, so we only had breakfast at the hotel and then made a snack for the train ride and left for the train station. I’m really glad M took me to Vienna because it was nice to get my mind off things and since Tuesday was a state holiday in CZ, I only missed one day of work.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you’ve ever been to Vienna before and visited the Christmas markets. Hope you have a wonderful first of December and here’s to a good month in front of us.

3 thoughts on “Late November in Wien”

  1. Vienna is somewhere I’d love to go. All the places you’ve been recently, actually. How fun- and, yes, a great way to get your mind off of things. 😊

  2. I love reading your travel posts. I hope December is a really good month for you. I can’t believe it’s been a year already since Dracul passed and now Buddy too. Hugs.

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