Mountain Girl

IMG_5547Mountain climbing/walking is definitely not my usual weekend activity. I’m a city-girl though and through, I once literally had an allergic reaction to fresh mountain air (okay, so it probably had more to  do with the chlorine used in the pool that we went to later but whatever).  I prefer the city to the country side and shopping is my cardio. Nonetheless, M convinced me (actually he bribed me) to give the mountains and fresh air a chance two weekends ago. I had one condition though…

My main issue was that I had nothing to wear! Now, usually this statement is completely false, but in the case of sportswear it actually rings true. Besides what I bought on our shopping trip I currently own one pair of yoga pants that I use to lounge around in and that’s it. So my condition was that we needed to go shopping. Now shopping sportswear isn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. You can actually find some pretty cute clothes if you look hard enough.

oneill-pw-stretch-pantWe started by looking for a suitable pair of pants. I wanted them to be warm but still look like a normal casual pair of pants versus some sporty nightmare. In the end (okay, so I only tried on this pair, but whatever, I fell in love) I chose these O’neill ski pants. I haven’t been skiing in forever but if that changes, I  have the pants for it. Yay! I then bought a thermal black undershirt, it’s the best for layering. And now on to the hardest item to choose, the jacket.

columbia-mercury-maven-iv-mid-jkt_0 We were deciding between two and in the end I picked this Columbia Mercury Maven jacket  in navy. Admittedly it was the one that looked loads better (M kept saying that it’s for walking in the forest and not for a fashion show, but just because it’s for exercise doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good right?) I love the hood with its fake fur trim.columbia-mercury-maven-iv-mid-jkt_1I’ve actually worn this jacket loads, even just for normal everyday wear. So I’m really glad that I got the nicer jacket, plus it was only a little  bit more expensive, so definitely worth it.

IMG_5550I probably will never say that mountain walking is my favorite thing ever, but it wasn’t that bad. (Though I did bitch and moan the entire way up.) Maybe next weekend we’ll do a repeat…

4 thoughts on “Mountain Girl”

  1. Gosh I’d be exactly the same, nothing to wear! My Uni friend lived in the country in the north of Scotland and I went to stay with her so had to pop into the shops in Aberdeen to find some trainers seeing as I didn’t own a flat pair of shoes. I actually managed to get by with my stiletto heeled boots though! Though the trainers came in handy when our other flatmate took us to her cottage in the middle of nowhere! Last time I’d been I had to borrow all her clothes because I only had stilettos and little thin jackets. Gosh, I felt like such a city girl! I do like the peace of being out in the wilds though.

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