Little Hearts Everywhere

Topshop heart playsuitThe day of my exam I bought this lovely playsuit over at Topshop and I originally picked out two more dresses but then I decided only to buy the playsuit. It was the last one available and it’s two sizes bigger than my size but I thought I’d just adjust it with mmy sewing machine  at home, but when I tried it on later that day, I decided the only thing it really needed was a belt to clench it in (also getting rid of the cut-out, I’m not really a fan of cut-outs). I wore the playsuit Wednesday night to go to the movies. It was a great night and I was so happy to have my exam done with.

Topshop heart print playsuit outfitI decided to style the playsuit with red accessories even though the hearts on the playsuit are actually pink. The jacket is a fake leather cropped jacket I bought some two three years ago at Stradivarius. The apple bag is from Nic & Ollie and you’ve seen it on this blog before, it’s a favorite. I actually have no idea where the belt is from, I’ve had it for years. The shoes are suede platform “Java” wedges from Topshop.

topshop java black suede peep toe platformThe last time I wore them I paired them with contrasting thick white tights. It almost gave the look a sort of Asian feel to it somehow. I really love these shoes and I was surprised to find that I hadn’t worn them more (when I was partaking in a shoe challenge, on the one hand it would get me to wear some pairs that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have worn, but on the other hand it limited my repeat wears of the shoes I love. That’s basically why I stopped, it turned into something I didn’t like doing and I realized that it was ridiculous to put additional pressure on myself when I’m having a hard time enough as it is just with my normal responsibilities. The moment I decided to stop with the challenge it was like a heavy burden was suddenly lifted from my shoulders, and then I started to wear the shoes that I had been saving to save on a special occasion or thought would be easier to save so I left them for last.)

topshop wedgesI like how these shoes look with the white tights but I also like how they look with the black tights, next time I want to wear them sans tights. I think they should be comfortable enough and will definitely try it out this summer. Speaking of summer, I’m going on vacation this Wednesday and I’ll be back Monday night. I’m super excited.

topshop flatformsIf I compare outfits I’m glad to say I like the new outfit best (that always makes me happy) and that’s mainly due to the playsuit and the fun details of the outfit. Oh btw we went to see Edge of Tomorrow again 🙂 and we liked it just as much as the first time!


3 thoughts on “Little Hearts Everywhere”

  1. It’s even nicer on you than the stock photo. I’m not keen on cut-outs either, so good to see it can be ‘hidden’! Lovely bag too. I know how limiting it was when I used to do my challenge but it had NO repetitions at all and I was just so relieved when it was over. I consider re-doing it sometimes, but I’m not sure I could commit to that again, it was so hard! Enjoy your holidays x

    1. Thanks 🙂 (though I guess it can only be hidden if you size up, it wasn’t my intention but the only size left but I’m really glad I bought it bigger as I really dislike the cut-out!)

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