Impersonating a white bear

Remember that fuzzy Topshop winter coat I bought almost a month ago? Well I wore it straight away after I bought it (and have actually only worn it once, it is a bit hard to wear. I did feel like I was sort of impersonating a white bear but otherwise it’s fine.)

topshop Faux Fur Teddy Pea CoatAnyways, the coat is question is this Topshop Faux Fur Teddy PeaCoat. Now you do want to see how I styled it? 🙂

I’d like to start by saying this coat isn’t the most flattering, it’s ridiculously huge, but that’s okay. Not everything has to be flattering all the time. Sometimes I just want to wear something rather ugly 🙂
IMG_5653bI probably should have toned down the crazy but instead I chose to wear the coat with one of my most ridiculous winter hats. (It’s also from Topshop and is a couple years old.) Below is the picture I posted on my instagram.

IMG_5660Besides the crazy hat, I wore my Topshop heart print playsuit (a lot of Topshop going on, but I didn’t feel like wearing a dress and I hadn’t worn this playsuit in ages.) Pictured below is how I wore the playsuit the last time I photographed it (my biggest problem as a blogger is to actually document the outfits I wear!) and I will be honest and say I definitely prefer the old outfit to the one I wore last month  but hey, not every outfit is a winner. I’m still glad I wore it (I don’t think it was the worst outfit ever, just not a favorite).

IMG_2593The rest of my outfit was almost all-black: my trusty Pull&Bear cardigan, my ever present thick black tights, my pasmina scarf, leather Next gloves,  Asos ankle boots (more about them HERE) and a fun Aldo bag:

IMG_5656aldo novelty clock bagThis bag is really cute and it fits a bit more than most of my clutch/novelty bags (which is not really that hard as the majority of my clutch bags fits almost nothing. I have to stop buying ridiculously small bags!) I have a feeling I will get a whole lot of wear out of it during spring/summer. Anyways, happy Valentine’s day tomorrow and hope you have a great weekend, xo.

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