Winter lips

I wish we could just skip the rest of winter and move along to Spring 😒 because though I don’t mind cold weather at the mountains, I HATE winter in the city. I’m a winter sufferer too: my sleeping patterns are all over the place, I’m constantly too cold/too hot, and my skin gets super dry.

Especially my lips! I have to use lip balms literally all the time. Although I love lipstick I don’t tend to use any during winter. But here are some products that I use instead:


Lip scrub: I should use this more often! I really like Lush lip scrubs (my favorite is Bubblegum but I also like Popcorn) and I’m thinking of making my own DIY version (olive oil + sugar = lip scrub; easy!)


Lip balms: the most important part of my lip routine involves lip balms! I always have one with me at all times and I also always put some on before I leave my flat and before I go to sleep. Now this is starting to look like a Lush post but it isn’t! But currently Lush lip balms are the ones I am using the most.

Winter lips and color? My go-to method for winter lips is either using tinted lip balm (pictured below is one from Lush but I don’t really like this one that much because I have to use a lip brush to apply it and y’all know I’m lazy.)

Or using a lip stain and then applying lip balm over it. This is my best winter lip tip! I first apply the lips stain, let it dry (it takes only a few seconds) and then I add lip balm. This keeps my lips moisturized but also theres some color added to my lips. It feels very fresh and almost Spring-like. 😉

I love using Benefit lip/cheek stains but I also really like the Rimmel lip markers (couldn’t find mine in my stash, so it’s not pictured in the photo.) Basically you can then use any lip balm, I either use clear balm or a slightly very lightly tinted one. Sometime I use a lip chubby stick but really the lip stain with lip balm method is the best thing for me.

Does your make-up routine change in the winter?

6 thoughts on “Winter lips”

  1. I have been meaning to try the lush lip scrubs but I have never got around to buying one. Which one do you suggest I buy?

  2. I’ve been excited to properly finished lip products when I’ve NOT been wearing makeup. I have them sitting at the computer and with me working there all day, it’s handy and I guess I reach for them a lot. I’ve used up lip balm crayons from Dior, Clinique and Clarins, so have started on the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector tubes. I adore them, so had them in every colour and I’ve got a few near the end, that I’m squeezing the last bits out of and they’ll be finished too. I get huge satisfaction when I finish beauty products! I’m keen to try the new lip balm from Clarins, like my tubes but in stick form.

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