Hello Panda!

IMG_5747I have a few outfit posts that I haven’t posted yet. I’ll start with one of my favorites – a mostly all-black outfit with some monochrome details. The star of the show was this cute Liquorish Panda bag.

liquorish panda bagIt’s roomy enough (most of my novelty and clutch bags are teeny tiny) but of course, like every bag ever, it could be bigger. I love that it’s a panda, because pandas are awesome. I also love that the bag is black and white because that means it will go with a lot of outfits, yay! As for this outfit, well, I wore most of my winter favorites: super old Zara hat, Next gloves, black pashmina, warmest Zara Woman coat. As for the shoes I wore my Hunter Chatel moonboots.

(I have a pink pair of Moonboot moonboots but these black ones are definitely easier to wear!) These boots are perfect for winter as they are very warm.

hunter moon boots chatel blackUnderneath my coat – sadly, I don’t have a photo of the outfit without the coat – I wore a black cardigan and a River Island monochrome dress I bought on eBay.

river-island-black-mixed-spot-and-stripe-skater-dressI quite liked this outfit, it was fun but without being too over the top and was both weather appropriate and suitable for the place I wore it to (pub dinner). Win-win.


6 thoughts on “Hello Panda!”

    1. I know about the IC panda wedges (I even bought them but when the parcel arrived they were missing as they apparently just went out of stock as I placed my order or something, I was SO SAD because they were the shoes I had wanted the most!!)

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