In the land of polar bears

IMG_6797This is an outfit from exactly one week ago. Don’t be fooled by the polar bear Topshop fake fur coat, this outfit isn’t from winter – it’s apparently Spring already but mother nature hasn’t gotten the memo. (Although to be fair it has been slightly nicer this week. Slightly. It did snow on Monday.) Back to the fashion though, this coat is the most snugly cozy thing ever. It feels like your in your duvet or some heavenly fuzzy blanket. I have this huge oversized stuffed animal sheep from the brand Nici (it’s the Logan Jolly sheep in wolf’s clothing toy, pictured below), anyways, I call him Mr. Sheep (Pan Ovecka) and this coat completely reminds me of him.

nici jolly logan sheep in wolf's clothingYou have to see him with his hood off to really see the similarities. Mr. Sheep is totally awesome and I feel pretty bad ass when I look like him. He would so rock this Topshop coat.

2311-sheep-plush-toy-huge-extra-225-225topshop Faux Fur Teddy Pea CoatThe coat is sort of huuuuuuge and let’s be honest, it’s not the most flattering item in my wardrobe but it’s so FUN. Here’s how I wore it the last time. It’s also really warm so that’s a bonus!

IMG_6798M and I had dinner with M’s parents at our usual restaurant (it’s close by). I wore a Zara dress that I bought about half a year ago but hadn’t worn yet. I quite like it and think I’ll be getting more wear out of it in the warmer months.

IMG_6807It’s a lovely orange dress, it has pockets (major plus in my book) and an open back as you can see in the product photo posted below.

zara orange open back dressAs for shoes I wore these Stradivarius Studded Flat Ankle Boots. They are super comfy and one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I love the studded detailing. My bag is also from Stradivarius and it’s about seven years old now, maybe even more. I  really should stop by Stradivarius sometime soon (I haven’t been since we moved as there is only one shop in Prague and it’s a bit far from where we now live.)

stradivarius Flat leather ankle boots with studsI hope you have a lovely weekend and I’m now leaving you with the cutest product image of Mr. Sheep. He is such a charmer.

nici jolly logan sheep

4 thoughts on “In the land of polar bears”

    1. Thanks:)) (The dress is orange but it’s an almost red orange:) Oh yes, the beret! I haven’t worn one in a long time, they are very cute (but beanies are warmer).

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