Planner Crazy

I have a bit of an obsessive compulsive personality and when I get into something, I really get into it.  (Hence my huge shoe collection or my Lush stash.) I’ve been pretty good with make-up (I’m using up the items that are already in my collection and not buying new ones; but the hoarder in me is going slightly nuts when I run out of something and don’t repurchase. Because what if all of a sudden I need it out of the blue, what if there’s a zombie apocalypse and I’m left without my favorite make-up foundation?? Actually, yes, I totally will be repurchasing my favorite foundation, just not the other stuff. But foundation is very important. Priorities people.) I’ve been quite good with shoes too (but that’s more because I’ve run out of space to store them). I’ve been okay with Lush (I’m not buying any more bath bombs until I use up like half of my collection.)

But now I have a new addiction: I’ve gone planner crazy. It all started with placing an order for an Erin Condren life planner. No, actually, it all started with realizing that I am so unorganized and I that I totally need to buy a planner to plan ahead and have things listed and written down. I’ve always been into cute pens and stationery even as a little kid, I’ve always loved stickers so it’s actually quite surprising that it has taken me so long to get into the planner craze. Anyways, I thought I’d share some of my planner decoration collection and if you’re from Czech Republic, this could help you with where to look for cute stickers and washi tape.

IMG_6927These are my absolute favorite sticker packs. Each pack contains 4 sheets and a total of 160 stickers. But the best thing about them is that weren’t at all expensive. Each pack cost 69 crowns (that’s 1,83 pounds or 2,66 American dollars). They are so good I did actually repurchase them all. These were all purchased at and I’ll provide links to each set below:

djeco legracni zviratkaThese are my favorite, they feature cute animals. The set is called “funny animals” and here is the link. I went to their pick up location and the lady there was really nice, which was definitely a bonus. If I feel good in a store, I’ll be returning. But back to the stickers, I knew I would be repurchasing these even though all the stickers are there twice (each pack has two different sheets twice = 4 sheets). The hoarder in me wants extras and because they are SO CUTE, I wasn’t about to argue.

djeco na cestachAll of these packs are by the brand Djeco. This pack is called “on the move” and here is the link. I probably should have written this post in Czech as they do only ship to the Czech Republic and to Slovakia. But since I’ve already started writing in English, I’ll just stick with it. But if anyone would be interested in posts like these (that link Czech shops) to be in Czech, please let me know. Anyways, this sticker pack features the cutest animals ever. I knew I just had to have them!

djeco princezna na partyThis one is called “Princess at a Party” and the link is here. I love this one! It features adorable princesses, cakes, fruit, tea cups. It’s perfect really and I can’t wait to put these into my planner.

djeco modni showThis is the last set that I have and it’s called “fashion show” (here is the link). I didn’t think I’d like this one that much but since I want to start sewing, I thought it would be a good addition to my sticker collection for the planner. Boy am I glad I got it as there are so many bunnies! (Yup, I repurchased!)

IMG_6928IMG_6929These are the rest of the stickers in my collection and I’ve had most of these for years. I’m planning on doing planning posts and when I do, I’ll try to post links to the places where I got the stickers (to the ones that are still available). But I revisited some of the places this week and they didn’t carry the same stickers, so I’ll probably link just the online ones that will be available.

IMG_6931Besides store bought stickers I also have a few printable templates that I printed out on sticker paper. If I use them in my planner I’ll post the links to the sites where I got them.

IMG_6930Besides stickers I have these stamps that I got on Asos. But I have to say, these aren’t the best stamps. The ink containers are smaller than the stamps and the stamps stamp unevenly. I have however purchased a new stamp set (the product image is below, I just ordered these stamps today so I don’t have them yet). I’ll be honest, I bought them only for the bunny. But I really like the cloud and the birds and the birdcage too so hopefully I’ll get a lot of use out of this set. Here is the link. I still need to buy an ink pad though.

sada razitek backyard freshNow finally, one of my favorite things, WASHI TAPE. I am so jealous of you Americans (you have Target and the Target dollar spot, or Michael’s and other places where it’s easy to get cute washi tape and awesome stickers or post-it notes for cheap. Here in the Czech Republic it can be a bit harder). Below is a photo of my current collection (the block-color ones are all REALLY OLD as I’ve had them since my childhood) and then I have a set of three that I purchased this week.

IMG_6924The set of three was a traveling collection, I don’t remember the exact price but I got them on this site, Svet Pasek. I’ve already placed another order with them. I also placed an order on a different site (Washi pasky) for more road washi, as I just love how it looks (and am planning a few road trips soon), but Svet Pasek was all out of it. Anyways, I was glad to discover Washi pasky, as I had a chat with the owner and she is just the loveliest person ever.

IMG_6925IMG_6907Last but not least I have these decorative tapes from the brand Ohh Deer bought via Asos. I have the pug one (it’s my favorite, so cute!), the hearts one (quite nice) and the you’re getting old one (it’s the one I like the least, I thought it was funny and that I would use it for decorating pages when someone has a birthday but it just isn’t that cute. There’s a birthday cake on it but the lettering somehow is just really wide, or not the lettering but there’s a wide space between the words and the cake so cakes are wide apart and you don’t have that many on the page if you use it, which just makes the whole thing look sad.) Anyways, each tape is £4.50 and I really love the pug one.

IMG_6923That’s it – that is my entire sticker, stamp & washi tape collection. I don’t have that much (compared to some people on youtube, there’s a whole planner community out there and I love it! I love watching plan with me videos too) but then I don’t have that little and you have to start somewhere. I’ll try to do another planner collection post once I have more stuff and I could do it in Czech if anyone wants, or do it in English and in Czech. Let me know if that would be something you would want to see. Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you soon, xo.

13 thoughts on “Planner Crazy”

  1. They’re so cute! My sister is stationery crazy, she literally has hundreds of notebooks and thousands, probably millions of stickers! We have Paperchase here who always have lovely things and my sis buys a lot of kawaii stuff from sites that get Japanese things.

      1. Yess, I also love Washi tape the best! It’s just so easy to use and I love the feel of it! 😉 Although decotape is fun to use to decorate happy mail or close packaging and stuff!

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