Long hair blues

Hair Care can be real pain. Especially if you have LONG hair. I have long relatively thick hair which is VERY dry hair. If I don’t use conditioner then I can’t even comb through it. Besides normal conditioner I also use leave-in conditioner to try to get my hair to be slightly more manageable. I thought I’d share some of my current favorite products of my weekly hair care. (Yeah, it may seem a bit gross but my hair only requires washing once a week. )

IMG_5859(I may have one too many hair products! And even if I don’t use something I find it very difficult to throw it away like some of those super old hair sprays you can see in this picture. Ops.)

My hair routine is really simple: once a week I wash my hair with shampoo (I wash it twice, -shampoo-rinse-repeat-, once to make it clean and once to keep it that way. Ha, I don’t know if that really helps but that’s how I usually do it, unless I’m in a rush and then I just wash once), then I use conditioner and rinse it out. Then I towel dry my hair and apply leave-in conditioner. I usually then comb my hair and then I either leave it alone to air-dry or I fan it dry. If I don’t comb my hair when it’s wet (I know, it’s not really good for the hair but it’s necessary) , then I basically won’t be able to comb it ever! Anyways, here are some of my favorite products:

I’m dying to try out the BIG Shampoo from Lush but I haven’t bought it yet. It’s supposed to be really good. I haven’t tried any of the shampoos from LUSH so besides Lush what are the shampoos I’m loving? Tommy Guns pomegranate & Orange Flower Gentle Daily shampoo ( 250ml for £ 5. 50) – I love how it feels when I’m washing my hair.

IMG_5849I have a few Aussie shampoos that I quite like. My favorite is probably the Miracle Moist shampoo, after I get through it (there’s a little less than half left) I will happily repurchase. UPDATE: I just used the Lush solid shampoo Godiva and it is amazing! It probably has risen to favorite status after just one use 🙂 I can’t wait to try out some of the other solid shampoos Lush has to offer…

My # 1 favorite Condi is from Aussie ( LOVE this brand so much!) and it’s the 3 minute miracle luscious long deep treatment ‘Long-locks Love-potion’. I love everything about this product. I love the name and the description (my hair is definitely begging for a treat), I like how it smells and how it feels when I put it in my hair and I also like how it washes off and I feel like it’s a good conditioner.

IMG_58513) Leave-in conditioner:
If I want to brush my hair after washing it I need to use some of this stuff! I usually use Aussie miracle recharge lightweight conditioning spray. Okay, so this post is starting to look like I’m only promoting Aussie hair products but it’s only because I really believe in these products. I love Aussie products and funnily, they also remind me of my childhood because growing up in Maryland I remember my mom using an Aussie leave-in conditioner to help comb my hair after washing.

IMG_5853I also like the Not Your Mother’s ‘Way to grow’ Leave-in conditioner. And I have a l’oreal one that I sometimes use.

4) split-ends serum / hair oils:
Split ends are the worst! And if you have really long hair they are likely to happen. I’m liking the Pantene Keratin repair oil (but as you can see I haven’t really used it that much, actually I think I’ve only tried it out once !) The repair spray and nourishing spray are both really nice as well.

IMG_5857I also have the Lush Shine So Bright split end balm but I don’t really like it that much. I have trouble putting it on as it’s like a solid balm in a tin and it’s kind of annoying to use.

5)not really “hair care” but I LOVE sea salt sprays! I know that salt will make your hair even drier so I probably shouldn’t be using them but you cannot stop me. For me it’s more about the scent of the ocean than anything, I LOVE the ocean and the sea and living in Prague, I got nothing, so this is a handy alternative to bask myself in sea-loveliness.
I’ve heard people criticize this LUSH sea salt spray but I LOVE it ( I’ve heard it can make people’s hair greasy but that hasn’t been the case for me. However I do have really dry hair so maybe I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have dry hair?) and I also really like the Toni&Guy casual sea salt spray and the Label.m spray.

IMG_58556) Dry Shampoo:

I don’t use dry shampoo much. Since I don’t need to wash hair too often (once a week) I only really use dry shampoo if I want to add volume or as a touch-up if it’s time to wash my hair and I don’t feel like it (though truthfully, I rather just wash my hair).  The two dry shampoos that I currently have are from Timotei, which I really like,  and Toni&Guy, which I also really like.

IMG_5856So that’s it for my hair care products. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post.

UPDATE: I’ve started being more conscious of companies that test on animals (or allow their products to be tested on animals), so sadly I’m no longer buying from L’Oreal, Pantene or Aussie. I’m really sad about Aussie not being cruelty free because their conditioner has been a favorite but I like bunnies way more than any product in the world, so I won’t be repurchasing. 

3 thoughts on “Long hair blues”

  1. My hair is completely different to yours, not as long and it’s thin and I don’t have much of it. I’m totally the same with products though, it takes me ages to get through hair products and I really have a hard time throwing out ‘old but not very used ones’! I only ever brush my hair when it’s been washed, to detangle it and then usually don’t have to brush it all week! When I used to wear it curly, I never brushed it. now that it’s longer and I wear it straight, I only brush it to sort out my bun every few days. I only wash my hair once a week too. I’m finding I don’t even need dry shampoo right now, but used to use it a lot when my hair was curly, to refresh and add volume mostly. I’ve never got on well with Aussie. I know so many people like it, but I’ve tried a few things and never found them that great.

    1. I hate brushing my hair because not matter what I do by afternoon it’s tangled again. Interesting about Aussie, but I guess with hair products type of hair is really important. My sis and I have very different hair and we would always like different brands…

  2. I wish I could only wash my hair once a week. I usually go every two to three days then wash. I know what you mean about long and dry hair. But I love it long and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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