Leopard Print is a Neutral


Friday M and I went to dinner and then I stopped by H&M to buy a pair of shoes as the ones that I was wearing were KILLING me. The irony that they were a casual pair of flats is not lost on me. I think I generally get waaaay more blisters from flats shoes than I’ve ever gotten from heels.

20140623-121003-43803888.jpgSo what was I wearing? Besides the evil (yet incredibly cute) Asos leopard print plimsolls, I wore a Mango jersey dress with zipper detail on the top front, Stradivarius saddle bag (a favorite), Pull & Bear sweater (it has been a bit chilly the past few days, ironic considering it’s finally summer). Topshop earrings (so old!) and Stradivarius real leather jacket.

In case you were wondering about the replacement shoes I bought, well, the title of this post was a hint. Yup, another pair of leopard print shoes. But these are lace-up flats and are different enough from the rest of my collection to warrant their purchase even if it hadn’t been an emergency buy. Below I’m sporting my new kicks and a super weird expression.

I’m thinking of repurchasing the leopard print plimsolls in a size up but I’m not sure. Should I? I mean I know I want more leopard print shoes because I’m obsessed I just love leopard print and for me it really is a neutral. But money’s tight and we are going on vacation soon. So yeah I think I’ll wait until after our vacation to buy them again. Or maybe I should just try to stretch them out, the ones I already have?


3 thoughts on “Leopard Print is a Neutral”

  1. Yeah I’d try stretching the ones you already have. I’ve been forced to buy new shoes because the ones I’m wearing are killing me-I once hobbled around London barefoot because my feet had swollen on the plane and my shoes wouldn’t go back on, so I had to buy new ones! Oh and leopard is a neutral ; )

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