Tuesday is Doomsday

river island jelly shoes, topshop skull tee, skinnny jeans

So my huge exam is drawing near and I have been finding it incredibly hard to stay focused and study. Summer is in full swing and I want to do other things besides memorizing crap um important uni stuff. The photo above is from sometime last week when we went to see Edge of Tomorrow (really loved it btw).

river island jelly peep toe flats leopard


It’s been really hot in Prague so I’ve been wearing various versions of this outfit: either rolled up jeans or jean shorts (DIYed cut offs are my favorite), loose t-shirts preferably with a skull print (this one is one of my favorites, an old Topshop tee featuring s skeleton party haha), flat sandals (these are River Island jelly open toe flats, love the subtle leopard print.) I’m living my bohemian dream and I’m not in the mood for heels. Flat shoes are my thing now.


Speaking of flat shoes I wore these sometime last week or the week before when I went to work. They’re Iron Fist and I love the tiny skull studs, so cute. They did give me blisters though 😦 Anyways, I’m off to read some Zombie apocalypse books study, wish me luck on Tuesday!!!

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