So I postponed my pending exam that was to be this Tuesday for health reasons (I had a pretty bad fever over the weekend and still am sick now but it’s gotten better). It’ll be on the 25th instead (and I have a different exam on the 23rd and a dentist appointment on the 24th, urrghh!) so on the one hand it’s great to have more time but on the other if I hadn’t been forced to just sleep and do nothing over the weekend, I’d have preferred having my exam over with. But life is what it is. No time to feel sorry for myself, I still have today to get better and then I need to do some SERIOUS studying. I don’t know how much blogging I’ll be able to do but hopefully I’ll manage a couple of posts.

cece lamour wedges

The wonderful wedges above are my latest purchase, I ordered them from and they are Cece L’amour “Barbara” wedges. I love the print (though I do love the leopard print/ yellow bow version better but I couldn’t find a pair of those in my size.) The shipping was fast but the import charges were a bit bigger than I expected (especially since I was also charged import charges for the shipping, wtf?).  Now I know why I prefer to order shoes from the UK haha (the only bonus of us being part of the EU.)

I’ve been really good with NOT shopping lately so receiving these was extra special. Although in all honesty I can’t wait to unleash my shopping demon once I’m on my vacation in July. It’s time for lunch (I skipped breakfast so I’m actually really hungry now) so I have to go, but I’ll leave you with a photo from my instagram from this morning. Don’t you just love the penguins?

bed selfie

4 thoughts on “Postponed”

  1. I do love the penguins, they are one of my favorite animals. 🙂 Hope you feel better and good luck on your test when you take it.

  2. Yikes, hope you’re feeling better and strong for the exam when it comes round. I have the dentist too, on the 26th and doctor on the 20th and the last time I left the house was 3 months ago when I had appointments for both-exciting life!! I love those shoes..I used to go on her blog, but I think she stopped blogging a while back due to lots of other stuff going on. I was so excited when she brought out her own line, but only just noticed recently that amazon here had some and all the good bits were gone. I try not to buy from the US due to customs, it stings!

    1. Thanks, yeah it’s better today. Though I didn’t have any time to study because I had to do things for work :/ And yeah, Cece did stop blogging but she’s on instagram now.

      I (now) know what you mean about those customs, it’s like being robbed! No more US purchases for me!

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