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Favorite Boots

IMG_5043This outfit is from two weeks ago Saturday when the boy and I went shopping. We bought some books and also birthday gifts for my grandpa (who is now 89 years old) and for my brother, on Sunday we had a nice family lunch over at my grandparents’ house. I didn’t take any photos on Sunday (and I had on a pretty neat pair of shoes too) so the ones from Saturday will have to do.

IMG_5046My favorite part of this outfit are the boots – I thrifted them in the beginning of November and have been wearing them almost non-stop ever since. I love them! They’re from Topshop and are super comfy. They have a flat heel perfect for walking and some shearling inside to keep me warm. They also have two buckles but I don’t have to unbuckle them to put them on or off. Oh and if you’re wondering what books I got, both are written by Mo Hayder and are Pig Island and Poppet.

Suddenly I Love You

IMG_4997When I purchased this Asos parka I never thought I would get as much wear out of it as I have. I actually never expected to wear it so much! I have been wearing it nonstop lately – mainly because I have still failed to retrieve the rest of my warmer coats from storage – but also because it’s one of those items that are so easy to wear.

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Files of New: the pregnant parka

IMG_4810One of my most recent purchases, I bought this parka the week we returned from New York. I stopped by my closest H&M and was looking for those dungarees but alas they still didn’t have them (will they ever?) I wasn’t too upset though because I came across this lightweight parka. I instantly fell inn love. I liked the color, I liked the shape of the hood, I liked the pockets and most of all, I liked the high-low hem line. If done right I really like a slightly longer hem line in the back. Ever since I bought it I have been wearing this parka nonstop (well, until it got way too cold to wear it, which happened this week.) Funnily enough, when I was looking for a product picture on the H&M website and I couldn’t find it, I then figured out that it is actually from the MAMA line and is intended for pregnant ladies. Ehm.

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Autumn in Prague

IMG_4295It’s funny writing this post as by the time it will appear on the blog, I will be in New York. I don’t really know what to expect from NYC, but I love autumn in Prague. Especially early autumn when it’s not so bloody cold. This outfit is from Sunday, when M and I went to have lunch with my bestie and then we did a spot of shopping and then I had to stop by work to finish up some loose ends. I was nearly running late so I had literally no time to really think about my outfit, let alone time to pick out shoes, so I just went with the simplest option – a pair of black ballet flats.

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