Thursday: Day Three

IMG_4338Day three in NYC: so t was Thursday, the 9th, and we had planned a day of sightseeing. I sort of missed the mark on my outfit because it was super windy and I was way too cold to go sightseeing. So instead we had to go do some shopping. It was unintentional I swear 🙂 As for the unfortunate outfit, I was wearing my H&M red dress with cut-outs, which I don’t mind as long as they are covered up; a Pull&Bear cardigan; thick black tights; my black pashmina, which I wore during the entire trip; my thrifted Dunlop leather bag and my new Michael Kors flats:

michael kors hamilton moc loafers blackI’ve mentioned before that these shoes are super comfy. The leather is buttery soft and they feel like heaven. I hadn’t been a Michael Kors fan until I tried these shoes and now, well, let’s just say I’m a fan now. I’ll definitely be thinking about getting some other MK items in the future.

flat iron building NYCIMG_4340This was the BEST breakfast ever – from this little booth called Wafels&Dinges at a food festival that was taking place right next to the Flatiron. Then we headed to the Manhattan Mall and I bought this incredibly soft furry hooded vest (which I will show you in a later post) and a couple fake leather jackets. Then we went on a bus tour of downtown New York.

IMG_4351IMG_4357It was super windy on the bus! Oh and here I’m wearing one of the new jackets, from Express. Below is the product photo from their website.

express snakeskin minus the leather moto jacketBut back to NYC. We quite enjoyed the bus tour, although it was quite cold up there. So I was actually secretly relieved when the bus tour was over. We went to times square and I must say, it is an extremely busy place! We then went to our deli on the corner, picked up  some dinner, and staggered up the seven flights of stairs at the hotel (we were on the 7th floor, there was an elevator but it was one of those old ones that needed to be handled by someone from the hotel and it was just quicker to go up the stairs.)

IMG_4353IMG_4396 IMG_4397More photos to come, I’m trying to cut it down but it is hard! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Thursday: Day Three”

    1. Aww thanks. It was a cute outfit, but unsuitable due to the colder weather (and here I thought NYC was much warmer!). Yeah those 7 flights of stairs were a bit lethal! Especially after a full day of walking around and usually also carrying a bunch of stuff!

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