I carried a watermelon

IMG_7134I didn’t carry a watermelon, instead I carried a six kilogram box of sweet potatoes. Why? Because I had just bought them and I loooove sweet potatoes. I’ve never actually cooked them myself before, but this seemed to be the perfect time to give it a try. Anyways, this outfit is from Saturday when M and I went food shopping. When we go food shopping I generally go with a comfortable outfit ( = flat shoes) and something I won’t freeze to death in as it’s really cold in the store!

michael kors hamilton moc loafers blackMy shoes are the Michael Kors Hamilton loafers and are one of the comfiest pairs that I own. We are planning a mini-break soon so I thinking of taking these flats with me as they have the New York sight-seeing stamp of approval from me.

H&M mama black coatI wore my H&M mama coat. It’s one of the two maternity coats I own from H&M (the other is this parka), and both basically share the same story (of my having bought them without realizing that they are from the MAMA line). I wear it quite a lot as it’s a favorite. You can’t tell it’s maternity wear:)

IMG_4891IMG_0095melissa 2The dress I wore is from Asos and it’s definitely not a favorite.I kind of hate it actually. It’s really hard to zip up (I’m usually able to zip up everything on my own – I can reach my hands behind my back without a problem – but this dress has a really crappy tiny zipper and it gets stuck so I had to have M zip me in) and I have a feeling that the front hem is longer than the back one. So definitely not a favorite, but good enough for food shopping.

asos lace panel skater dress nudeI’m really excited about those sweet potatoes. (I’m writing this post in advance as I have a busy week ahead so I’ve only just bought them today and have yet to cook with them. I have no idea what I’ll do but I’ll probably bake them somehow.)


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