IMG_7080Just a quick outfit post today. This outfit is from last Monday when M and I stopped by his parents’ flat to pick up his Asos order. He ordered 3 polo shirts and I sneaked in a pair of shoes and a cute tee. I had also ordered a dress but I sent it back because the zipper was faulty. Anyways, my outfit was a mix of quirky and casual, which I think is my typical style really. The shoes are Topshop camouflage bow flats.

topshop camo bow flatsFunnily enough I had worn these shoes almost exactly one year ago (below is the outfit). I prefer the old outfit but that’s mainly due to the fact that in the new outfit, I had just washed my hair so my hair kind of resembles little rat tails at the ends (my hair takes AGES to dry and I’m not usually that patient of a person). The shoes are in a grey camouflage print and have a cute bow on the front and I wore them mainly because there’s a bit of grey on the skirt, the skirt is from F&F and it’s just a normal navy pencil skirt with grey polka dots.

topshop camofl flatsMy jacket is from Express, I bought it in New York and I have the same one in brown. Underneath it I have a sweater from Gas, which I received as a Christmas gift.

express snakeskin minus the leather moto jacketThe final part of my outfit and the most fun is this New Look Pug clutch. I love pugs and clutch bags and this one fits quite a lot of stuff so I’m very happy with it.

new look clutch pugIMG_7079

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