Ootd: Pinks and pleather

IMG_6990bJust a quicky today. Here’s an outfit from last Friday. I had taken the day off from work because we were supposed to attend a wedding but unfortunately M wasn’t feeling well so we canceled our attendance and just stayed home instead. We did go out to lunch but that was it.

MEL-POP-HEART-FLAT-PUMP-BLACKThe outfit was very simple. I wore these shoes (that I had intended to wear to the wedding – we were going by train and it was to be quite a long trip and then straight to the wedding without having a chance to change outfits so I opted for maximum comfort), which I do get a lot of wear out of. My favorite outfit of having worn these shoes is the one pictured below (here is the post).

IMG_4820I wore the same fake leather jacket, I have been wearing it a lot recently. (It’s not my absolute favorite fake leather jacket but it’s a close second:).

aeropostale quilted fake leather jacketI wore this bag from New Look, it can fit so much stuff! Which is why I had picked it to wear to the wedding as well. It was supposed to rain that day so I also picked out things that I knew wouldn’t get ruined.

New Look Square Blower bag

I had actually picked out a different dress for the wedding (a much nicer one) but for just lunch at a restaurant across the street, this dress would do (Asos A-line shift dress).

asos a-line shift dressLunch was really nice as I don’t usually get to see much of M during the work week as he works so much and I’m quite busy as well. (I mean, obviously, we see each other every night and every morning and we almost always eat dinner together, so we actually do see each other loads but you know what I mean, right?)

IMG_6992Anyways, here’s a close-up of the shoes because they are super lovely.

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