At the Prague Zoo with Doris

IMG_7017One of my favorite things about the Prague Zoo is its location. If you take the cable way it lends an especially beautiful view once you get to the top (you can just walk it up but taking the cable lift is fun). We had a fun time but I was freezing so bad (I was wearing a sweater and a jean jacket plus a pashmina scarf but it was so cold!)img_6998

As for shoes, I was wearing a pair of Melissa flats. These are the Doris studded flats in black (I also have the red version of these, which funnily enough I wore the last time we went to the Prague Zoo). It’s seems I like going to the Zoo with Doris, but it’s quite understandable as the shoes are very comfortable and they have an interesting design (I love me some studs).

melissa doris studded black flat shoes557232_in_xlThe dress is from Oasis and you’ve seen it before. (I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to get away with bare legs!)

IMG_3225You’ve also seen this H&M jean jacket before (I put those swallow patches on myself). It’s one of my favorites. It’s also the only one I have that is in a dark wash (all my other ones are lighter denim).

photo 1IMG_3216Just wanted to share some of my favorite animals with you (there are no rabbits in the zoo but there are some beautiful piggies.) These two are my favorites, I love them so much (I wish I had them at home but I’d definitely need a big garden! Can you image though?? It was be amazing.)

stetkouni prazska zooIMG_6993Besides being super duper cold, I had a great time at the Zoo. We then went home and slept, we are so lazy during the weekends it’s crazy!


7 thoughts on “At the Prague Zoo with Doris”

    1. Thank you:)) Yes it has gotten a bit better but sadly not much, but Czech spring is never really that warm. The sun will fool you into spring clothing but the air is cold and mean 😔

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