Gridded perfection

IMG_7812This is the outfit I wore to my sister’s birthday celebration, which was almost two weeks ago. It was a lovely hot day (not like now, sorry to  be complaining but summer so far has been rainy and cold) and I wore one of my favorite dresses. It’s from Oasis and you’ve seen it before (here and here). I particularly like this dress because I find it super easy to style.

IMG_3225I love wearing it with this studded belt from H&M. (It originally came with a thin black faux leather belt, but thin belts aren’t my favorite.) As for shoes I wore these goorgeous Zara Woman gold sequin ballet flats. They are super shiny and obviously I love them (though they did give me a blister; interestingly enough I get much more blisters from flat shoes than I do from high heels.)

zara shiny shoesYou’ve seen these shoes on the blog here. (Next time I will wear them with tights. Maybe that’s what it is, I just can’t not wear tights? Anyways, it’s super cold again in Prague so tights are my destiny whether I want to wear them or not.) The rest of my outfit: Stradivarius studded earrings, Stradivarius studded bag, Aeropostale quilted fake leather jacket.


6 thoughts on “Gridded perfection”

  1. Those shoes are so pretty, like little coins have fallen all over them. Our summer appears to be over, been cold and miserable all week, though I don’t cope well in heat, so I’m not complaining.

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