Gingham Midi

IMG_7817Usually I’m all about the short skirts and mini-dresses (especially in combination with black opaque tights) but come the warm weather, I also gravitate towards comfortable carefree midi lengths. This skirt in particular is a favorite of mine, it’s from Topshop and I absolutely adore it (the gingham print, the style and cut, the material, it’s all good.)

20140729-173837-63517346.jpgI’ve worn this skirt twice recently (in the span of a week), the first time (on Sunday, the 7th of June) was just out to lunch. As you can see pictured below, I paired the skirt with a black Zara sleeveless top, an Asos cropped denim jacket, my trusty Iron Fist bag and these black and white Paper Dolls flat shoes. I also wore little River Island stud earrings in the shape of envelopes.

IMG_7761IMG_6243This outfit was very simple and easy to wear. I have been meaning to wear these shoes for a while but it took me much longer than I originally anticipated to actually wear them! The shoes are lovely, I like them and am planning of wearing them again soon (when it stops perpetually raining).

The next time I wore this skirt was on Saturday, the 13th of June. I apparently love wearing this skirt with this Iron Fist bag, but honestly I have been wearing it loads lately. I’ve been a bit lazy to switch bags. I wore the skirt with a Stradivarius long sleeved tee (the easiest styling for this skirt is just to wear it with something black) and a pair of Melissa flats. I also wore Stradivarius heart shaped earrings. It was a quick slip-on-and-go kind of outfit.

IMG_7818IMG_6783I wore outfit number two out to lunch and then we took Miss Bunny Bananas out for a trip to my parents’ house so she could hang out in the garden for a bit. Yes, I bought my bunny a leash. My parents’ garden is super nice but the fence isn’t the best and she could dig underneath it if left to her own devices. (* I took my earrings off because they were annoying.)

20150613_153325Bananas really liked the garden (it was her first time outside, there aren’t any nice places where she could go near our flat unfortunately, people here don’t pick up after their dogs and I don’t want her to catch something or to get filthy, so we’ll just have to try to visit my parents more often!) She ran around a bit and ate some grass, she didn’t dig but it was her first time, so she was probably a little nervous. Anyways, it was a really great day and we were all really happy.

20150613_153635IMG_7774And since I’m sharing bunny photos, I will also add my current favorite photo of Miss Bunny. We were having a cuddle on the couch and she just looked so adorable (she also looks really huge in that photo). She really is a very cute bunny in all of her pictures, but this was a rare gem of a photo as she is a very active and impatient bunny most of the time.

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    1. Thank you 🙂

      I know right!! It’s just when I change bags there is always the slight possibility that I will forget something and I always have too many things in my bags anyways 🙂

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