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IMG_3221August 8, Friday: A really casual and simple outfit, worn out to play each volleyball with friends. (On the way there I had on a swimsuit underneath but these photos were taken when we came home and I had showered and changed.) The dress is from H&M and I really like the color and the texture of the dress, though I absolutely hate the cutouts! (Though I did like how they looked with my tankini underneath, so maybe next time I’ll wear some pop color tank top under the dress, that could be interesting.) The dress is new, bought super cheaply in the last days of the sales.Β  My bag is Zara and my shoes are Mel bow sandals.

mel bow sandal

OUTFIT AUGUSTIMG_3225August 9, Saturday night: you’ve seen my Saturday daytime lunch outfit, so here’s what I wore in the evening. I love the print on this Oasis dress and I particularly like to style it with red (below is how I wore it to a friend’s birthday event back in mid July), and I was too lazy to change handbags.


Both my belt and my shoes are super old and both are also from H&M (the belt came with a skirt and the shoes were a pair of simple black ballet flats that I upgraded with some studs from a different pair of shoes. There’s actually a whole story behind it -Mr. Pig decided to play with a pair of studded converse-esque trainers and he picked out a bunch of the studs. It would have been hard to put them back onto the original shoes because of the material so instead of just throwing them out or whatever, I decided to put them on a plain black pair of ballet flats. I have since almost worn them to death but I still occasionally wear them.)


I’ve had these shoes really a long time but I found these photos (from March 2011) from the time that I DIYed the studs onto them. Mr. Pig = so tiny (and so evil)!

P3150014P3150015 - CopyIMG_3228August 10, Sunday: these are the last of my current outfit photos, since I didn’t manage to take any photos on Monday, Tuesday nor today. But back to Sunday: we went to play beach volleyball yet again and I don’t know,Β  it just was too damned hot. I felt quite horrible and think there was just too much sun (we started playing at about two thirty in the afternoon).Β  Almost as if I knew I would be feeling crap, I made M take my photo before we got to the place. Anyways, same bag, an old H&M dress and a pair of Topshop flats (I love their vibrant color!)

TOPSHOP MARIAN Tumbled SlippersI found one occasion when I wore the dress before (though I’ve worn it more times, obviously my documenting my outfits isn’t always the easiest of things) – in August 2011. It was to a wedding and though I love those shoes in that outfit, I prefer the more casual outfit that I wore this weekend.

P8250034 H&M dress, vivienne westwood melissa shoesHowever, looking back at the 2011 outfit has got me thinking that I need to start wearing more accessories again – I’ve gotten so lazy! So that’s my plan for the rest of Outfit August.

11 thoughts on “OA Eight Nine Ten”

  1. I love how well the pieces go together in this outfit. Looks amazing!
    Im a Swedish Blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog πŸ˜€

  2. I tried on a cutout H&M dress last summer and loved it, but didn’t love the fit. And it was the only one they had. So, I’ve never worn a cutout dress, and I could see how it looks better than it might feel. If that makes sense… It would look great with a contrast colored tank top though. Great outfits! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I think the next time I’ll wear it with something contrasting underneath (like when I had the tankini under it, I thought it looked so good!) Thank you πŸ™‚ (You could always sew one πŸ˜‰ I need to learn how to sew!)

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