Summer Time Staples

summer time staplesThe summer season is my favorite, I love those days when the sun is shining and it’s hot. I particularly love when all I have to wear is a little dress or a skirt and top. But I also appreciate jean jackets. The outfit above – taken last Saturday, August the 9th – is a true representation of my summer staples.

mel butterfly redOne of my favorite features of this outfit are the shoes (Melissa dreamed by Mel butterfly peep toe flats in red). I bought these shoes in April 2011 and was quite surprised when I couldn’t find any old outfit photos featuring these shoes (especially since I do wear these a lot).  So in retrospect, that made me all the happier that I  had worn them this weekend for a lunch date. Anyways, while on the topic of summer staples, jelly shoes are a definite  strong presence in my summer wardrobe (and spring and autumn too, which makes me think I totally need to get some winter jelly shoes! Wellies don’t count.) And out of all jelly shoes, Melissa shoes are my favorite.

jean jacketAnother summer staple is my jean jacket (this one is from H&M and I customized it with swallow patches that were sown on). I currently only have two jean jackets: this one, which is my oldest, and a light blue denim one from Mango. I’m thinking of getting a black jean jacket in the future and maybe another dark blue denim one. Because I already have enough leather and fake leather jackets and a girl has to have a shopping list. (The photos above and below are from October 2013.)jean jacket with mini skirtBesides jean jackets and jelly shoes, I’m big into tank tops in the summer (and in the colder months I use them for layering).  Oh and I have to mention this awesome skirt – it’s from Topshop and I bought it like a month ago in the sales. I love that scallop double hem! Summer isn’t over yet but this may have been one of my favorite outfits!

topshop scallop double hem white skirtIMG_3216Oh I’ll be back later today with another Outfit August post 🙂


5 thoughts on “Summer Time Staples”

  1. I’m not sure I have any summer or seasonal staples. I certainly wear my VW jellies more often in warmer months. I’m not as keen on them in winter…I think because so many of mine are pastel coloured and it can look a bit strange with thick black tights. That Topshop skirt is lovely.

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