OA7: More of Mr. Pig

IMG_3202The photos are from Thursday (August 7th) and my pig walking outfit was super simple and consisted of a new dress (bought in the H&M sales, was SUPER cheap), my typical pig walking shoes (jelly shoes are a blessing when it comes to pig walking – my pig likes to root around in the dirt and more often than not he gets his snout dirty and he likes to get close to my shoes and come in for a snuggle. Wearing jelly shoes means I can just wipe them off and they’re clean.) and a cropped knitted sweater that I bought sometime ago but then never wore.IMG_3194You’ve seen these Mel shoes before because I almost always (there are a few exceptions) wear them when I walk Dracul. Besides the material I also love the cute little bow. And they basically go with everything. As for the dress I bought it two weeks ago? It was really very cheap (150 Kc, which is a bit less than 5 pounds). It’s from a neoprene like fabric. I usually love the combination of black and white on a dress and I particularly like this one (the fun white lines on the otherwise black dress, I think that’s really cute). The sweater is from F&F and I bought it like half a year ago but then never wore it, I’m just not much of a fan of cropped clothing, but I thought it complemented the dress well enough.Oh and the bag is very old, I dug it up the last time I was over at my parents’ house and decided it would be perfect to become my new pig-walking-bag (I always need to carry around poop-baggies and little treats for Dracul as part of my pig walking arsenal.)

OUTFIT AUGUSTStay tuned for some more OA posts to come!

melissa mel tangerine bow black

4 thoughts on “OA7: More of Mr. Pig”

    1. Thanks 🙂 and yes, I definitely do get reactions. They vary but mostly people are curious and ask me questions (like “is he clean?”, if I have him at home in an apartment or house, how is he at home, if he goes to the bathroom outside etc.) or they think he is cute and a lot of times people want to take his photo (and if they ask nicely then I don’t mind at all but it does bother me if people just take his picture without asking, so rude!), some people are horrible though and are judgmental and worst of all are people who talk behind my back but loud enough so I can hear and say things like that I’m crazy and that pigs are dirty or that he’s fat etc.

  1. I can imagine getting quite the reaction walking him, certainly here you would. I never quite get why people are rude about it though, the same for anything (clothes, hair, shoes)…fair enough if you don’t like it, but to talk, point or laugh when you know the other person can see/hear is just mean. I get it a lot and it pisses me off. Of course people say lovely things too but I just wish people would let others be themselves and leave them to it.

    1. Exactly! I get that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m not forcing my pig on them (same with clothes, hair, shoes, whatever…) Generally I think the people that feel the need to voice their negativity are really damaged themselves. Sucks to be them.

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