IMG_3305Picking up where I left off with Outfit August, here are a few picks from last week. Starting with Thursday‘s food shopping outfit. It has gotten rather cold in Prague so I’m currently wearing lots of variations of this outfit: opaque tights, sweater or leather jacket, cute dress, cute flats.

I’m sorry the photo above is so grainy, it was dark by the time we got to the store and since I hadn’t been documenting my outfits at the beginning of the week, I wanted to have at least something to show you. My outfit consisted of several old pieces (both my dress and the sweater are really old; the dress is from H&M and I bought it in 2011 – I haven’t worn it in ages but because of Outfit August, I decided to revisit it.) I’m wearing a (new) flower headband but you can’t really see it (which was my lazy equivalent of making an effort). The shoes are also new, I bought them in the middle of summer this year in the Topshop sale, they were super cheap. Right away I knew I wanted to wear them with black opaque tights to really highlight those awesome cut-outs (as much as I dislike cut-outs on dresses, I LOVE them on shoes!)

topshop double buckle geek shoes

OUTFIT AUGUSTI found these funny old photos in my photo archives where you can see the dress better (well, I bet on any photo you could see the dress better, because you can’t see anything in the photo above…). The photos below are from August 2011 and they’re taken at the train station near our old flat. My outfit is a bit crazy but I have to say, I still kind of love it and AGAIN, when compared to my current outfit photo, I need to up my game on the accessories front! I used to accessorize with fun unique pieces and make my outfits so much more interesting. I feel like I’ve become a bit boring and it surprisingly also has to do with my lacking time-management abilities. I find myself constantly in a hurry so I just rush around and put something on without having time to think about the possibilities of the outfit.

P6180003P6180001IMG_3351Another outfit I recently wore (on Saturday). I did try a bit harder with my accessories (I had on earrings, a gold studded headband – it’s really thin so you can’t really see it in the photos, a red pashmina scarf) but I still feel I have a ways to go to be really satisfied. Anyways I wore this to go furniture shopping. Some of my clothes are really old (my Zara grandpa sweater), some are newish but you’ve seen before (my Zara TRF handbag that I’ve been wearing constantly and you’ll see in my next post as well) and some are new – my Topshop gingham miniskirt with contrast hem, that I bought in London and my Mel heart flats.topshop tall contrast gingham wrap skirtI’m actually surprised that it has taken me so long to wear this skirt – I thought I’d have worn it by now many times and in stead it was actually a bit of a challenge to incorporate it into my normal wardrobe. It’s tight and it’s short and I guess I was just waiting for weather that required those opaque tights I love so much. (Some people hate tights and I really don’t get it, tights are awesome! They make shoes more comfortable, legs look leaner and you can get away with wearing shorter skirts/dresses – and if you’re tall like me, everything is super short!)


The shoes are a pair of Mel flats, I think they’re an older collection but I just bought them last week (insert happy dance).

happy danceConan O’Brien is my spirit animal when it comes to weird happy dancing. But back to the shoes. As you can see, they are really simple, all black, but with an interesting detail in the form of a heart applique. They are subtle enough to go with everything but still interesting and a bit kitsch, not just a boring pair of black flats. I was quite excited for finding them online especially since I found them for a good price.

IMG_3355 I’ll just mention my sweater and then I have to be off – I used to wear this sweater all the time at one point last year. It was my go-to piece for this kind of transitional summer-autumn weather. I’ve worn it all kinds of ways but I think the outfit below is one of my favorites. It’s from September last year when we went to a wine tasting festival/event. It was a beautiful day and we all had lots of fun.

wine tasting date


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