Never Ending St..udying

IMG_3325Maintenant, je passe mon temps avec le français – en approchant le test! Je suis nerveux mais aussi fatigue. On est difficile d’être un étudiant… But enough french, my head hurts. This outfit is from last Friday and I wore it to work and to the library, hence the study reference (I have a little less than a month and have basically just started studying so if what I wrote above has some mistakes, at least I tried…), I liked my outfit though I must admit, it was minimum effort.

asos tan leather cut out flatsOUTFIT AUGUSTI do have a few more outfits I haven’t yet shown you but I wasn’t kidding about that headache so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. So back to the outfit above  – most of it is really old pieces. My denim shirt is from H&M and is supremely old. My bag is from Topshop and I got it along with a purchase ages ago. My shoes (one of my favorite summer pairs) are from Asos and I wear them every summer. They are from the softest leather and they feel like a second skin. I had them with me during my 2014 London vacation (I’ve shown you the photo below before, but here’s a recap) and I also had them the year before during our Austria trip.

IMG_2790msveve holiday

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