IMG_3293The title of the post basically says it all (WIW = What I Wore). The photo above may be super old, as is the dress, but I re-wore it this week (without managing to take a new photo). But then again, I’ll use any excuse to feature Mr. then-tiny Pig. (I also adore this photo because we seem to have the same stupid expression on our faces!) Anyways, the dress is H&M and it has pockets. This time around I wore it with a black thin belt and my current favorite flat shoes:


Yesterday I mentioned that I have some other outfits to show you and I’ll be honest, I don’t love them as much as I love some of my other outfits/outfit photos. You’ll see what I mean in a moment…

OUTFIT AUGUSTFirst up, my outfit from Friday night, worn to a family dinner out. Remember how I said that I was slacking off in the accessories department? Well I really tried to amp it up on Friday and I think I may have gone over broad. I mean: headband, earrings, necklace, belt … too much? At least it all sort of went together – I focused on gold details. The bag (Zara) has gold detailing and goes nicely with the dress (Asos), which has black details so that tied in with the fake leather jacket and opaque tights. My headband is black with tiny gold studs, the earrings are just small black studs, my belt (very old, H&M) is black with gold studs and the necklace is just a long vintage style gold necklace that I had twice around my neck (I also have on the thin gold necklace that I wear everyday.)

IMG_3341To continue on in the gold trend of this outfit, I chose to wear my gold Mel Blueberry bow flats. I don’t think I’ve worn them before (?) but you’ve seen both my black and my white pairs before.

mel blueberry bow goldI must admit, the gold ones are probably my least favorite, hence why it has taken me so long to wear them. They are nice and everything, I just don’t love them. Although maybe I’m being a bit unfair and have yet to find an outfit that they’d be perfect for (and I do believe there is an outfit like that just waiting to happen.)

mel blueberries

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