Transition Almost Complete

IMG_3361I may have mentioned once or like a million times that it has gotten autumn cold here in Prague. Cue in the transition wardrobe – layering is key. I love a longer top with a cropped leather jacket over it. Then just a pair of skinny jeans and ta da, you’re ready to go. This outfit is from exactly one week ago. Though I do really like this outfit, I absolutely dislike the photos. My phone doesn’t take good quality photos when it’s dark 😦

pull&bear black and brown buckle trainersI couldn’t find a product photo of these shoes (they are quite old) but anyways, they’re from Pull & Bear and are a beat up pair of low converse-type trainers. I love the two buckles and the combination of black and brown. They’ve definitely seen better days, these shoes, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away quite yet. Actually, I think I like them looking worn. It gives them a bit of character, no?

The rest of the outfit are other old trustworthy pieces from my wardrobe, things you’ve probably seen before. Mango jeans, Zara top, H&M undershirt, H&M studded belt, Zara handbag, and finally the real leather jacket I bought in Debenhams during our latest London vacation. I’m really glad I added that belt at the last minute because I think it helps the outfit not be too boring. I love little unexpected details like this. It’s baby steps but I’m getting back into the game of accessories.


3 thoughts on “Transition Almost Complete”

    1. I WISH heating would be on here too, but it’s not and it’s so cold. When I’m at home I’m wrapped in a blanket and it’s ridiculous since it’s August and it should still be summer!

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