Flamingos’ Party

IMG_7759Another belated outfit post, this was worn to M’s friend’s birthday party. I had a totally different outfit planned but then I went with this one instead. The dress I had originally wanted to wear was this one:

vavavoom veroniqueIt is a very tight bodycon jersey dress from Next and it is super lovely, but also super tight and not the most comfy dress ever. I went with a more laid back look, plus it was a rather hot day so instead I decided to wear this gorgeous dress from Henry Holland for Debenhams. I absolutely love the flamingo print and it is really comfortable to wear.

Henry Holland for DebenhamsI’ve worn it before (pictured below) and though I really like the old outfit, I prefer the recent one because of the fun details (=clutch bag).

tattoed ladyI wore my pink ultragirl Melissa shoes. I know I recently mentioned that red shoes are my favorites, I love red shoes, but pink shoes and green shoes are also favorites. I wore my New Look Doughnut bag again and my Aeropostal denim jacket.

melissa-ultragirl-pinknew look donut clutchThese photos aren’t the best quality (neither are my poses) but having been taken when we came back home (at 2:21 a.m.) I think they turned out okay. The party was really nice (I spent most of the night talking to a fellow rabbit lover, Linda, who is also a bride-to-be so we had so much to talk about!) and I really liked my outfit so it was a win in my book.


5 thoughts on “Flamingos’ Party”

  1. I LOVE those shoes! I bought some fake Melissa’s the other day. Silver glitter ones. I’ll post photos on my blog when they come. 🙂

    1. Thanks babe! I can’t wait to see them. I have one fake pair that I bought because my friend bought them too and we wanted to have matching shoes, but they are super uncomfortable (the plastic is less bendable so they make blisters). As for other brands that make their own plastic shoes, those tend to be okay (I have some Kurt Geiger jelly sandals and a pair of River Island jellies, those are both great.) so I wouldn’t generally recommend buying fake ones, because they just aren’t the same quality.

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