Zara sequin ballerina flats, leather jacketYou know when you find something that you absolutely love and you just can’t stand to part from it? Definitely the case with me and this bag – I love it to pieces. It’s an old Mango quilted circle bag with a lovely gold chain and I have been constantly wearing it lately. (I also wore it yesterday with a different outfit, which I’ll post soon.) I do not have any issues with wearing this bag over and over again, but the problem is that it is starting to show it’s age and I will need to buy a new one soon. This outfit, worn last Wednesday, features quite a few of my favorites: my newest leather jacket, an old black knitted dress, my black pashmina scarf and of course, the shoes.

zara-sequined-ballerina-flat I really love these shoes. They are from Zara Woman and are a gorgeous pair of gold sequined ballet flats. I remember I had been constantly going to Zara and looking at these shoes and waiting and hoping they would be put into the sales. I was patient and waited until after an exam to buy them and they were the last pair too. I bought them half price (in early January, 2012) and have loved them ever since.

zara shiny shoesNow, they aren’t a pair that I would wear all that often. Nope. But sometimes it’s not about getting the most wear out of something, sometimes it’s a bit more special. Like these shoes. You put them on and it’s like magic. Suddenly everything  is a little brighter and better and I’m all happy. Though most shiny gorgeous things have that effect on me. 🙂

sequinsAnyways, back to Wednesday. We just went for dinner and drinks nearby so they were ideal (I didn’t have to worry about them getting stepped on and the weather was good – cold, but not rainy)! I posted the photo below on my instagram – I had upped the contrast a bit and I love how shiny the shoes look.


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