ramones teeOh my! I can’t believe my last post was my one hundredth! Anyways, to celebrate I have another post for you today, featuring an outfit from this Friday. This outfit revolves around my Ramones tee. The Ramones will probably always be one of my favorite bands ever. It would be hard to pick just one favorite song from them so I’ll just share a few that I really love:

 Sheena is a Punk Rocker.

Needles and Pins – the song is originally by the Searchers but the Ramones versions is just bloody perfect! I love this song!

Somebody Put Something in My Drink.

IMG_3579bMy outfit was almost all black (homage to the tee) except for my scarf and my bag, which you can’t see anyways. I wore my dark brown leather bag (I was running late and it already had all my stuff in it.) It’s the sort of outfit I would have worn years ago but I still quite like today. Instead of just a plain pair of black flats, my Mel flats have that lovely heart detail. My fake leather jacket is my favorite thing ever. My Topshop miniskirt fits nicely (though is the most annoying thing ever to wear! It goes up!) and I was wearing some of my favorite accessories (gold studded headband, long vintage gold necklace worn as a bracelet, studded earrings).

MEL-POP-HEART-FLAT-PUMP-BLACKAnyways I’ll leave you now with a .gif of a cat dancing. The cat is super happy. It’s happy about my 100 posts. Thank you, dancing cat, I appreciate your enthusiasm.

happy cat dance

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