yellow zara dress, topshop studded shoesAfter ages of wanting to go see the movie, we finally went to see Lucy last weekend. The film was a bit ridiculous but we enjoyed it nonetheless. And there was footage of wild pigs at one point, so of course that gets my steal of approval. I especially loved the idea of being able to use the full capacity of one’s brain. That would make learning French much easier, I am sure. Anyways, this what I wore.

stradivarius studded bag, zara cap toe heelsI first chose the dress (pictured below), which is a really simple Zara dress. It has a lovely bright yellow color and is pretty easy to wear (though it did yet really wrinkled during the movie or the drive to and from the cinema. As almost always, the outfit photo was taken when we returned to our apartment building.) I then decided I wanted to wear my seriously studded belt (Zara) and then I just chose a studded bag and my favorite pair of studded slipper shoes. The bag I wore (which you can’t really see in the outfit photo, sorry) is from Stradivarius, it’s really old and I couldn’t find a photo, other than the one above, where you could really see it. Basically, it’s just a simple black bag with dark silver studs on it. I wore a gifted bracelet that I really love. I got it from M‘s parents like two years ago? It’s chunky and awesome and I need to take a proper photo of it. Next time. Oh and I also woremy trusty black pashmina and black Pull & Bear cardigan.

zara yellow pleated dressFinally, the shoes. They are from Topshop and are a lovely pair of studded slipper flats. I do love studs and these are heavily studded and are perfect. I love them. They’re one of my favorite flats but I don’t wear them all that often (I tend to go more for gold accessories so the silver studs don’t go with many of my handbags, but I think they are a great match with my studded belt.) Anyways, I really had a good time at the movies and I loved my outfit and felt great.

topshop heavy stud slipper flats

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